1097+ Piercing Models, Images and Ear Piercings Aftercare

Piercing Models provides clear information and inspirational examples to make the right decision on getting a new ear piercing, whether you’re looking for a Tragus Piercings, Industrial or Helix Piercing, we ensure you got a straight face when you’re getting your first facial piercing!

Elegant Piercings

While a certain puncture in your skin may not be glamorous itself, there are plenty of ways to express yourself in a graceful way using certain … [Read more…] about Piercing Models Top 5 Most Elegant Piercings

constellation piercings guide

Ear piercings have always been en vogue, but the official namesake of constellation piercings has everyone taking notice. It can be difficult to know … [Read more…] about Your Guide to Constellation Piercings

2022 body piercings

No matter where you are in the world, piercings are a fashionable way of expressing yourself. Whether they’re front and center like facial piercings, … [Read more…] about 5 Classic Piercings to Get in 2022

Hottest cartilage piercings

Cartilage piercings have become desirable piercings due to how diverse these piercings are. The ear has so many different places to pierce, and the … [Read more…] about The Top Five Hottest Cartilage Piercings

Helix Piercing Experience

2020 has been an interesting year, and many studios were shut down for 3-4 months. Now that piercing studios are opening back up, and there are new … [Read more…] about The COVID Helix Piercing Experience

tragus piercing

The “tragus” is referred to as the oval small cartilage flap which is located right outside the ear canal. Piercings made to this portion of the ear … [Read more…] about 36+ Unique Tragus Piercing Examples with Tragus Info Guide

forward helix piercing

The forward helix piercing is quickly gaining popularity as both a single piercing and as multiples. It is both sassy and sweet in that while it is … [Read more…] about 21 Forward Helix Piercing Examples with Piercing Guide (2020)

piercing prices overview

We’re living in modern times and body modifications such as piercing and tattoos are more trendy than they have ever been! With the rising popularity, … [Read more…] about The Ultimate Piercing Prices Overview List (2020)

inner outer conch piercing

The conch is located at the cartilage of your ear, the conch is the shell of the ear, the outer part. This is another kind of piercing on the … [Read more…] about 21 Inner & Outer Conch Piercing Inspirational Examples

cartilage piercing

Have you been contemplating on getting a cartilage piercing? Getting your ear pierced is an easy process but there are many things to consider before … [Read more…] about 27 Inspirational Cartilage Piercing and Jewelry Examples

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