Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Vacuum Review: Tips Clear

Might just be the best vacuum designed

Dyson Cyclone V10 Total Vacuum

What We Enjoy

Lightweight and cord-free

Flexible suction amounts (1, 2, and Boost)

Has a compact store-and-charge bracket

Can be Utilized as a handheld vacuum.

What We Do Not Like

Very Costly

Restricted run time on maximum power mode

With its sleek design, strong suction, and versatility to change into a handheld vacuum cleaner, the Dyson V10 Total lives up to the hype and can be among the best cordless vacuum cleaner money can purchase.

We bought the Dyson Cyclone V10 Complete Vacuum therefore our reviewer could place it into the test on her hardwood, ceramic, and tiled flooring. Continue reading for our entire product review.

Dyson always ranks among the ideal household vacuum manufacturers –regardless of who you ask. The organization’s cordless pole vacuums (along with other household appliances) are notoriously well-designed and have all of the latest features and innovative tech improvements. The Dyson Cyclone V10 Complete cordless stick vacuum cleaner is the best illustration of Dyson’s cutting-edge invention and design.

Whenever it is not the latest model from the Dyson Cyclone lineup (that the Cyclone V11 started in March 2019), it has remained highly rated as a family must-have (as has the prior version, the Dyson V8). As you would expect, the V10 is light, strong, and user friendly. It creates vacuuming feel like a chore, even in my home with a husband, toddler, and a puppy. It’s also pricey compared to other handheld and semi-automatic vacuums, therefore before you go on and treat yourself, browse the remainder of our review and find out how it measures up.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Vacuum Review: Tips Clear
Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Vacuum Review  –  image dyson.com

Dyson Cyclone V10

Just like a brand new smartphone or gaming console, unboxing and setting up the Dyson Cyclone V10 Complete is really kind of fun. Yes, you read that right. Dyson makes appealing vacuums, and if our box came, we could not wait to put it test its attributes, and learn more about the functionality. It certainly does not feel like the sort of vacuum that your grandma would have, but it cleans like you.

The V10 has a very long wand and contains seven attachments: a torque driveway cleaner mind, a gentle roller cleaner mind, miniature motorized instrument, miniature soft dusting brush, mix tool, crevice tool, and docking station. Constructing the Dyson V10 was super simple since each the attachments and bits click and out of place easily. After we carefully examine the manual and safety instructions and fully charged the battery before use (that takes about 3 hours), we’re prepared to vacuum.

The drop-in docking wall bracket, which necessitated measuring and screws tape, was painless for us to install and added enormous value to the vacuum system as a whole. It functions as a two-in-one compact instrument storage alternative along with a charging dock, and it fits the look of the remainder of the vacuum cleaner. The sole issue we had with the pier was picking an area in our house to hang it was within range of a socket but also tucked off. Even if it’s as beautifully designed as a Dyson, then no one would like to stare in a vacuum all day long!

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Vacuum
Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Vacuum – image dyson.com

Dyson Cyclone V10

Style: Versatile and handsome, as you would expect

If there is 1 reason to shell out the big dollars to get a Dyson cordless stick vacuum such as the V10, it is because of its distinctive design and high tech capabilities. The completely cord-free V10 is available in blue, black, copper, and black. It’s Dyson’s signature cyclone engine; the manufacturer states the 14 Vertical variety cyclones create”forces of over 79,000gram” to pull dirt and debris to the bin.

There are three power modes–2, 1, and Boost–all managed through a soft-touch trigger. Even though the soft-touch trigger was developed to conserve battery power, we’d have chosen a lock-on button. It is somewhat annoying to need to press on the trigger the whole time you wash, and it is easy to inadvertently let go.

If you are not operating on Boost mode using ahead, you can find a good deal of run time from a single charge.

The filtration system traps bacteria so it expels clean air regardless of what you are sucking through the nozzle. Designed to absorb vibrations and keep sound levels down, this vacuum cleaner has been quieter than any we had ever employed.

We love how compact this Dyson is, at approximately 49 inches long and only 5.9 pounds; it is thinner, lighter, and more balanced than any other rod vacuum we have attempted and produced dusting and attaining high and awkward spaces (like beneath the couch!) Super simple. Additionally, it is quite versatile, readily shifting it to a handheld vacuum cleaner using the click of a button. We used ours several times to wash up following our toddler at the rear of the vehicle, in his car seat, and in his own stroller. We had to fumble with luggage, cords, or even a thick vacuum.

Unlike previous versions, the V10’s motor, bin, and cyclone are all aligned. As stated by the Dyson site, this straight line provides the vacuum 20 percent more suction power than the V8.

The “point-and-shoot” draining bin causes for a more sterile cleanup experience. We discovered that we had to receive our hands dirty when emptying the bin. After we pulled the latch, the dust, and grime from the bin type of just flew from the vacuum to the garbage.

Cleaning Performance: Strong suction with all the Ideal accessories

We will be the first to acknowledge as much buzz as Dyson vacuums receive, they are not necessarily lauded because of their electricity and suction skills. If it comes to real, heavy cleaning and always higher power, many folks still reach for vacuums. However, Dyson appears to have dealt with these issues with the suction and power skills of their V10. Plus, we do not have a massive space or a great deal of high-pile carpets, or so the energy of the V10 was enough to keep up with the dirt and dust out of our home.

The vacuum mind we all used most throughout our trial was that the Torque push cleaner head. We enjoy it as it works on all surfaces and contains a engine inside the brush which deploys extra capability to remove debris that is stubborn, such as pet hair, out of carpeting. Our next preferred accessory was the roller cleaner thoughts. It’s soft woven nylon and anti-static carbon fiber and functioned flawlessly to accumulate dust, soil, and drift cheerios from our ceramic and laminate flooring.

The ability of the V10 was enough to keep up with the dirt and dust out of our home.

Battery Life: Depends on the style

Just like with almost any cord-free stick vacuum, we’re interested to understand how the Dyson V10 would function concerning battery. The apparatus has a seven-cell, nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery. Just how long it lasts depends upon which power style and attachment you are using.

If you are not operating on Boost mode using a head, you can find a whole lot of run time from a single charge–around 60 minutes on low power mode. You truly can not beat that with almost any additional cordless vacuum. On reduced power mode, the Soft roller cleaner mind gave us around 40 minutes of run time, which was amazing to get a fast clean before guests could arrive after a very long moment.

We had been frustrated that the vacuum realistically conducted for under 10 minutes Boost mode with a few of those aerodynamic heads, however. And no, there’s absolutely no alternative together with the Dyson V10 to swap the battery out or operate the vacuum while still plugged to electricity.

Because we had the hang-up docking station and are not actually”clean the entire house at once” kind of folks, the conduct time did not disturb usbut the battery life is something that you ought to consider before you spend in this product.

Cost: Really high and may not be for everybody

At just under $600, the Dyson Cyclone V10 Complete is among the costliest vacuums money can purchase. Nevertheless, based upon your demands, the hefty cost can definitely be worthwhile. We saw much worth from the Dyson V10’s power, layout, performance, and flexibility and believed it was perfectly appropriate to our household and so well worth the purchase price. But if you would like a vacuum cleaner which you may utilize to deep clean your carpets for 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon, look elsewhere. Also, unlike other family tools, remember the Dyson brand name and slick design attributes are reflected in the purchase price.

Contest: A newer version, and a more affordable alternative

Dyson Cyclone V11:

Selecting between the V10 and Dyson’s most up-to-date Cyclone version, the V11 (perspective on Amazon), is sort of like picking your favourite child: almost impossible. They have similar power and layout except the V11 is more and nearly a complete pound heavier (that you may see after urinating for 20 minutes) and contains an additional digital display that shows the present cleaning manner and remaining battery life. Most importantly (to us) that the V10 includes that gentle hard floor cleaning mind, in which the 11 does not so we believe the V10 gets exactly the same, or more, value, and we would stick with it on the new V11 version.

Hoover LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner:

To get a whole lot less money, you can find a similar cordless stick vacuum in the renowned manufacturer: The Hoover LiNX (watch on Amazon). It is heavier (10 lbs ), does not include many different heads, and does not possess the identical degree of suction as the Dyson V10–but it’s fantastic run time, a varying battery, and it won’t break the bank. We’d decide on the Hoover LiNX within the Dyson just if we possessed other vacuums which could compensate for its lack of flexibility.

Certainly worth the investment.

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Complete Vacuum Cleaner is a feat of technology that is well worth the high cost: It’s everything you could ever desire from a vacuum cleaner, and it transforms easily to a handheld vacuum cleaner. Using its top-notch suction power and assorted heads, this cordless version makes vacuuming easy enough to do with a single hand.

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