Dwayne Johnson Jokes Larry David Should Have Won World’s Sexiest Bald Man Title

Dwayne Johnson may be bald, but that doesn’t make him any less committed to the idea that Larry David deserves the title of world’s sexiest bald man.

Dwayne Johnson has joked that Seinfeld co-creator Larry David should have been named World’s Sexiest Bald Man in a recent Google study. Johnson, who is also bald, didn’t seem overly concerned that he himself wasn’t chosen for the strange honor. David has grown even more popular since Seinfeld, thanks to his hit HBO series, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Throughout Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, David has addressed the issue of baldness numerous times. The character of George Constanza (who is reportedly based on David) had his own battles with the issue, even going as far as to be fitted with a toupee in one particularly hilarious episode of the classic sitcom. Unfortunately for him, the newly fitted hairpiece didn’t last long, as fans will all recall the moment when Elaine forcibly removed it and threw it out the window of Jerry’s apartment. David has also brought up the idea of bald people being treated differently than those with hair, and although he actually does offer a plausible point, how he does it is pure David hilarity.

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But while David may be one of the most beloved bald men currently working in Hollywood, it doesn’t seem that his lack of hair is earning him any extra appeal. According to a new study using Google, the sexiest bald man in the world is England’s Prince William. The study found that the bald prince had been referred to as “sexy” in the greatest number of blogs and articles on the internet. Once Johnson became aware of this however, he took to his Twitter account to question any results that don’t acknowledge David as the ultimate champion:

Strangely enough, not only did David not crack the top ten of this recent online study, but Johnson was all the way down in ninth place – just three hundred thousand points above tenth place finisher and notorious Johnson nemesis, Vin Diesel. In addition to the prince, the top three sexiest bald men were found to be Mike Tyson and Jason Statham. David hasn’t yet responded to either the result of the study or Johnson’s support. In all honesty, despite David’s past tongue-in-cheek references to bald pride, it’s highly unlikely that the 73-year-old comedian is going to get too worked up. At present, he’s gearing up for the eleventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but perhaps the issue will manage to get a mention in the new season.

For those who genuinely feel wronged due to Larry David’s omission from the study, it’s best to remember that the entire thing really doesn’t hold much credibility. Simply because random blogs and articles chose to use the adjective “sexy” when describing the likes of Prince William or Mike Tyson doesn’t really mean a whole lot. Ultimately, Johnson’s got the right idea by injecting more humor into something that’s already absurd.

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