Dunkin’ Is Closing 450 Locations Inside Of Gas Stations

Dunkin ‘will permanently close 450 of its stores inside Speedway service stations, several outlets report.

The news was actually first reported in February by Business Online Restaurant following a winnings call. On the call, Dunkin ‘Americas President Scott Murphy said that by closing these locations, the company would be “better placed to serve many of these commercial areas with future Dunkin’ restaurants that reflect the phrase complete with our next generation restaurant design. “Many of these station locations offer a limited menu and are much smaller than the company’s stand-alone restaurants.

It’s unclear why the information resurfaced months later, but Dunkin ‘confirmed the closure of The Today Show via a statement from Dunkin’s CFO Kate Jaspon:

These distribution points are lower volume units, representing in total less than 0.5% of Dunkin’s annual sales in the United States in 2019. By leaving these sites, we are convinced that we will be better placed to serve these commercial areas. with the brand new new generation restaurant from Dunkin. design that offers a wider menu and a modern experience. We also remain committed to increasing our presence at gas and convenience sites, as well as other non-traditional sites, including airports, universities, travel hubs and military facilities.

Delish received the same statement from Dunkin ‘.

Apparently, few of these places have closed, but they are all close to being closed by the end of 2020. If you are located on the East Coast, you know there is usually no shortage of places to get your Dunkin ‘solution, so if Speedway is generally your spot, start looking now!

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