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Dua Lipa talks about the difficulties of his lockdown

Dua Lipa talks about the difficulties of his lockdown

Dua Lipa managed to collect a long list of successes even during her lockdown in London with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid. His second album Future Nostalgia has reached number one in the ranking (she is the first solo artist of 2020 to succeed in the venture), a triumph that has undoubtedly received a boost thanks to the epic performance of Don’t Start Now during the The Late Late Show. The 24-year-old also delighted us with some of her favorite quarantine looks (chameleon colors and knotted shirt with Paco Rabanne flower print included).

At first glance, the artist seems to have accepted the situation without problems, but in reality she is the first to admit that the general picture is different. Guest of the program Gurls Talk, the model and activist Adwoa Aboah, the singer of New Rules he spoke openly about mental health issues – opening a window on his daily life during the lockdown, he told about his musical experience in the midst of a pandemic and why currently, like many others, he does not feel motivated from a creative point of view . “I’m not ready to write new songs,” Dua Lipa told Aboah. “I don’t have the inspiration for a new album at the moment.”

Dua Lipa

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Here are the six tips of Dua Lipa

1. Reconcile yourself with unpredictability

Speaking about the timing of her second album, written during the pandemic, Dua Lipa revealed how this tumultuous period forced her to slow down. “It is absurd, you have such a precise program and then everything goes to be blessed, but then you realize that everything is fine and maybe we need to slow down a bit, take some time, have patience with ourselves.”

2. Generosity – whether virtual or in person – is really important

The pop star took human contact seriously during this time, and it opened her eyes. Especially when we take friends for granted. “In these days we have a greater empathy with others, we feel different. I hope we will be able to draw a positive lesson when all this is over, because there has been an abundance of love between people, even through social networks “.

3. Stick to a routine

Organizing his agenda with friends helped the star feel less out of phase. “My friends and I wake up and plan an appointment on FaceTime to train together. […] It almost seems as if we were all doing it in the same place. A touch of normality that somehow makes everything easier for us, certainly. “

4. Take a break from social media

“I don’t think I would have been able to finish my second album if I hadn’t taken a break from social media,” Lipa tells Aboah, explaining that the pressure to maintain an online presence, combined with a flurry of haters, has greatly influenced his ability to enjoy his achievements. In the end, the pop star decided to decrease the use of social media and stay away from Twitter to regain self-confidence.

5. Keep a diary

“Take a piece of paper and put your thoughts down, it doesn’t necessarily make sense, but I think it helps a lot.”

6. Do charity if you can, it’s important

Support international organizations, such as Unicef ​​or the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – UNHCR), who work with vulnerable people exposed to coronavirus risks, gave Lipa more motivation during the pandemic. “Many of us are fortunate to be able to isolate ourselves with family, friends and affections, but there are many refugees in the world who live in overpopulated areas and who do not have access to essential things like water and soap. . “

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