Drew Brees tells Trump NFL protests have never been about the US flag

Brees’ comments come after he initially said on Wednesday that he “would never agree with anyone who does not respect the flag”. Later, he apologized for his comments, saying that his comments were “insensitive and completely missed the target of the problems we face as a country”.

President Donald Trump then got involved and said that Brees should never have gone back on his comments.

“It should not have returned to its original position in honor of our magnificent American flag,” Trump tweeted. “OLD GLORY must be worshiped, cherished and stolen high …”

Brees then went on Instagram, stating that “we can no longer use the flag to distract or distract people from the real problems facing our black communities”.

“Through my ongoing conversations with friends, teammates and leaders of the black community, I realize that this is not a problem with the American flag. It never has been,” said the Brees ticket. “We can no longer use the flag to divert people or distract them from the real problems facing our black communities.”

These problems, said Brees, included systemic racial injustice, economic oppression, police brutality, and justice and prison reform.

“As a white community, we must listen and learn from the pain and suffering of our black communities,” wrote Brees. “We have to recognize the problems, identify the solutions, and then implement it. The black community cannot do it alone. It will require us all.”

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