Drew Brees Signs With NBC Sports For $6M Per Year After He Leaves The NFL

Drew Brees Signs With NBC Sports For $6M Per Year After He Leaves The NFL

Whatever thoughts run through Drew Brees head out the next time he’s on the soccer field, worries about what he’ll do after his NFL career ends won’t be one of those, as the New York Post said. he had signed an agreement with NBC Sports says worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $ 6 million a year.

This figure actually comes from an offer from one of NBC’s competitors – ESPN, who allegedly tried to get Brees to sign with their team as a commentator for Monday night football. But for some reason, Brees chose to go with NBC instead for a “competitive” amount of money, sources said, after a counter offer from Brees was rejected by ESPN for being too high.

An NBC Sports spokesperson also had something to say about the deal, in a brief press statement about the deal:

“Like all NFL fans, we can’t wait to see Drew continue his Hall of Fame career this fall, and we believe his post-game career will be just as successful.”

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NBC plans to have Brees eventually replace longtime commentator Chris Collinsworth on Sunday night football, but before that, he will start as an analyst at Notre Dame’s football games as well as a studio commentator on Football night in America.

When that happens, it depends on when Brees retires from the NFL. He recently signed a two-year contract with the Saints worth $ 50 million, but it is widely believed that his next season will be the last.

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