Dresser Transformation with Varathane Premium

Converting furniture can be a simple and rewarding DIY project. Handmade Haven’s Ashley Basnight shows how a quick coat of Varathane Premium wood stain can transform an old piece of furniture into a beautiful brand new masterpiece.

Who doesn’t love to bring a piece of furniture back to life? When I started blogging, I started using furniture. Refreshing a piece always gave me a feeling of joy, and I was very excited to bring it back to my roots and to transform this dresser.

Lately I’ve been working on freshening up my master bedroom and needing a chest of drawers to complete the look. Fortunately, I was able to find this incredible piece of furniture while surfing the internet. I knew with a little love that it would be the perfect addition to my bedroom.

I am happy to guide you through the process of freshening up my dresser and hopefully it will inspire you to wipe this old piece in your house!

used material

First, I had to collect all the materials I needed to make this chest of drawers look great again.

Step 1: furniture preparation

After collecting all of my materials, it was time to prepare the piece for the stain. The first thing I did was remove all of the hardware from the piece of furniture. I took off all of them Drawer knobs and took off the small metal rolls on the floor.

It was obvious that the chest of drawers had some kind of topcoat and stain, so I knew that I wanted to strip the chest of drawers completely so that the new stain could adhere well to the piece of furniture. I went with mine first Disc grinder With 80s sandpaper to get the existing finish.

I chose mine Disc grinder because they are super powerful, they take the target off immediately; You want to make sure you take your time sanding and don’t press down too hard to avoid rings in your furniture, but the disc sander does the job.

There were a few trim pieces on my piece and some corners on the sides that I couldn’t get with my disc sander, so I used mine Corner cat grinder and Dremel MultiMax to get into these tight corners. I love using my Dremel because it has so many cool attachments to help with such jobs.

After sanding the entire finish, I was amazed at how good the dresser looked with the natural wood. I almost wanted to leave it that way. I knew then that the project was going to be great.

After sanding everything down with 80 grit, I went back and sanded it down with 220 grit sandpaper to smooth the surface.

Step 2: the dyeing process

Now for the fun part; the dyeing process. It took me a while to decide which color to go first, and I almost went with weathered gray, but decided that Varathane Premium Dark Walnut would go better with my bedroom decor.

The best thing about this wood stain is that no wood conditioner is required. A step that I usually take when building furniture. It also has an hour of drying time, which was appealing to me because I can’t get my furniture into the house quickly enough once it’s dry.

Before dyeing. I made sure to blow sawdust off the abrasive and wiped the dresser with a damp rag. Then I let it dry and was ready to go to the spots.

When you open your stain, you want to make sure you stir it up really well. This ensures that all particles are well mixed and that you are ready to use.

I chose a Foam brush apply the stain because it’s really easy and less messy.

You will want to apply a nice layer on your piece. When I dipped the foam brush into the stain, I quickly noticed that it was really thick; I knew that the single-layer cover would do the job.

After applying the stain, I let it sit for about 5 minutes. The longer you let the stain sit, the richer the stain becomes. After I left it sitting, I wiped off the excess stain with an old rag. This step is very important; You want to make sure you don’t leave all of the stain on the dresser. Otherwise your piece will be sticky and stained.

I went through sections and applied the stain all over the dresser. I would color a page and then wipe that page and move on to the next page. You want to make sure that you apply your stain in sections to ensure a nice, even look.

After coloring the outer part of the chest of drawers, I knew that I had made the right color choice. Varathane Premium Dark Walnut Stain was so rich.

After coloring the outer part of the chest of drawers, I went almost to the two-tone look because the stain with the natural wood looked so pretty. But decided against it and started coloring the drawers. The foam brush made it really easy to apply with the door trim.

After staining the chest of drawers, I let it dry for an hour and man, it looked good. I decided to apply a top coat Polyurethane for protection and some golden buttons added to give it a fresh look.

The transformation

This Varathane Premium wood stain really brought my chest of drawers to life and looks fantastic in its new little corner. I love how easy it was to transform this old piece and give it a fresh new look.

If you are thinking of remodeling an old chest of drawers, Varathane Premium Wood Stain can do the job.

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