Drake Bell’s Net Worth (Updated 2021)


What is Drake Bell’s net worth?

Total Price: $ 400 thousand
Ages: 33
Arising: 27 June 1986
country of origin: USA
Sources of funds: Professional actor
Last Updated: 2020


Drake Bell is an American actor, voice actor, singer, songwriter, and musician from California. He began his career as an actor in the early 1990s with his first television appearance on Home Improvement.

As of 2021, Drake Bell has total assets of about $ 600 thousand.

early life

Jared Drake Bell was born on June 27, 1986 in Newport Beach, California. His father, Robin Dodson, was a professional billiards player. He has three older brothers and an older sister, Kelly.

Drake had a comfortable childhood in a thriving family as his father was a world billiards champion and earned good money.

The business

Bell made his first television appearance in 1994. He acted in an episode of the famous TV series ‘Home Improvement’. He got an opportunity to act in a film with the 1996 hit film Jerry Maguire.

In the year 2004, Drake had the opportunity of a lifetime when he was selected as the lead actor in the spinoff of ‘The Amanda Show’ titled ‘Drake & Josh’ alongside Josh Peck. The show promoted Drake’s image throughout the night because it was named after him.

In 2006, Drake tied up with recording company ‘Universal Motown Records’ for the release of his second album, It’s Only Time. His second album was a huge hit from the first one and peaked at number 81 on Billboard’s ‘Top 200’ list.

Drake starred in an animated film Mouse a Mouse Tale, which released directly on DVD in 2015. Drake’s popularity continued to grow in the Mexican market. In the year 2016, he performed a concert in Mexico from February 5, 2016 to February 7, 2016.

As of 2021, Drake Bell has total assets of $ 600 thousand.


Some of the best glimpses of Drake Bell’s career are as follows:

  • Drake and Josh (TV-show, 2004–2007)
  • Superhero Movie (Movie, 2008)
  • Rags (Movie, 2012)

Favorite Quote from Drake Bell

“I think my favorite thing is when people send me Instagram photos of people’s yearbooks, and one person” Are you saying liars? “And they are people’s real year quotes. It’s so amazing.” – Drake Bell

“Play every day.” I do not know. I’m not sure what kind of advice I would give. You just have to do it every second you can. ” – Drake Bell

“I like The Beatles and classic rock bands like The Who and Step Japelin, so I wear that kind of dress. Kinda Retro I think. Well, not retro, but kind of tight. I do not know. Such as jeans and shirts. I do not know. Kinda rock and roll I guess. ” – Drake Bell

“Most people spend their lives on their own efforts, and I feel privileged that I was five years old. I have to go out to play and have fun and entertain people.” – Drake Bell

“I’m terrible at these things, ’cause I’m a terrible date. What’s a good date? A good dinner and a movie? I don’t know. What are the dates? An amusement park? What should I say? Hmm. I know. Is not. ” – Drake Bell

3 powerful lessons from drake bell

Now that you know all about Drake Bell’s net worth, and how he achieved success; Let’s have a look at some of the lessons we can learn from:

1. be open minded

When you open your mind, you open new doors to new possibilities for yourself and new opportunities to help others.

2. Patience

Be patient, something is happening for you.

3. You Can’t Fix Everything

This is how life sometimes happens: you can fix things, but you can’t make them better.


Drake Bell is an American actor and musician. His career became a major success in 2004, when he got the lead role in Nickelodeon’s ‘Drake and Josh’ show, which was named after him. The show was a success and made it a favorite among children and teenagers.

As of 2021, Drake Bell has total assets of about $ 600 thousand.

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