Dr. Dre’s Wife Nicole Young Has Filed For Divorce – They Reportedly Do NOT Have A Prenup

After 24 years of marriage, Dr. Dre and Nicole Young are Separate, according to news reported for the first time by TMZ. Financial details at the moment are scarce, but the couple have reportedly not signed a prenuptial agreement, which means that a substantial part of Dre’s huge fortune could be at stake in any divorce settlement between the two.

Dre and Young were married in May 1996 and their two children (Truice, 23 and 23 years old, Truly, 19 year old daughter) have grown up, so child support will not be part of such a settlement, but Young would have requested an undisclosed amount of spousal support. According to California law, if the marriage has lasted more than 10 years, spousal support generally lasts indefinitely. If the marriage had lasted less than 10 years, the rule is that support would last half the duration of the marriage. Of course, couples can accept all the conditions they… can subscribe to. If Nicole is satisfied with receiving a large lump sum and no spousal support, they can move completely from each other.

As of this writing, we believe that Dr. Dre’s net worth is $ 820 million. And unlike many extremely wealthy celebrities, Dre’s assets are mostly liquid. Aside from around $ 80 million in real estate in Los Angeles, all of which are located in Los Angeles, Dre’s fortune should be fairly easy to divide. It’s not like he owns a business that needs to be valued and bought.

Young is a lawyer herself, but Samantha Spector, who is known to be a famous, renowned lawyer, helped her with the case. Amber heard in his divorce from Johnny Depp, among other high level individuals (and wealthy).

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

The news comes when Dr. Dre had a great year, with his classic solo debut in 1992 The Chronic inducted into the Library of Congress and launched on music streaming platforms, and a new collaborative album with Kanye west supposedly almost ready for release. And as part of the 2020 Grammy Awards in January, Dre received a lifetime honor from the producers and engineers wing of the Recording Academy, celebrating his work.

Neither Dre nor Young has yet commented publicly on the split, but Young’s divorce file contains the standard language of “irreconcilable differences”.

Although not quite in the billionaire rapper’s club, Dr. Dre is nevertheless one of the most successful figures in hip-hop, thanks in large part to his involvement in the Beats by Dre brand, which ‘Apple bought in 2014 for $ 3 billion. .

Before the sale of Beats, Dre was worth around $ 200 million (part of that value was Beats’ former private value). As owners of 25% of the company, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine walked away with $ 750 million from the sale (before tax). The vast majority of their income was in cash.

So without a prenuptial agreement, settling the divorce between Dre and Young could potentially prove to be one of the most important of all time.

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