Dr. 90210 Season 1 Transformations: All the Before & After Pics


What a change

During the premiere of Dr. 90210, Dr. Kelly Killeen Faces New Patient CarlenaThere are massive mounds. While Carlina stated in a confused way that she always had large breasts, they had grown rapidly since she was a child.

“So, when I meet patients with huge breasts, their cup size is off the scales, E is huge, G is huge,” Dr. Kelly noted in a confused tone. “She is an M, who is a mother – Kerr this is huge.”

To cure Carlina’s back pain, Drs. Kelly suggested breast reduction, which included removing more than 10 pounds of breast and fatty tissue.

“Kelly fits her body now! The shape is beautiful, they are more on her chest where they are and she just looks like the person she should be,” Dr. Kelly concluded. “She’s no longer an oddity … she just looks like a normal pretty girl.”