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Doris Duke’s Equity: Doris Duke was an American heiress and philanthropist who had a net worth of $ 1.3 billion at the time of her death in 1993. Adjusted for inflation, this equates to approximately 2.3 billion dollars in today’s dollars. to be an eccentric billionaire. She was often considered the “richest woman in the world” during her lifetime.

Doris Duke Net Worth
Doris Duke Net Worth

Doris Duke was born in New York, New York in November 1912. She died in October 1993. Her father James Buchanan Duke essentially invented the modern cigarette industry as we know it today. James revolutionized tobacco marketing and manufacturing after taking over his father’s tobacco business. When he died in 1925, Doris and his mother received the majority of his estate. At the time of his death, James Buchanan Duke was worth $ 100 million. When her mother Nanaline died in 1962, Doris received what had become $ 250 million. Receiving $ 100 million in 1925 is like receiving $ 1.5 billion in today’s dollars. Receiving $ 250 million in 1962 is equivalent to $ 2.1 billion today.

Doris Duke spent much of her youth at Duke Farms. She pursued a variety of interests with her wealth, including travel to the world and the arts. Duke created Duke Gardens which has become one of the largest indoor botanical exhibitions in America. Doris Duke was a short press correspondent and played jazz piano in addition to being a competitive surfer. Much of her fortune was donated to charity and contributed to AIDS research, child welfare and medicine. She was married to James. HR Cromwell from 1935 to 1943 and Porfirio Rubirosa from 1947 to 1951. Doris Duke died on October 28, 1993 at the age of 80.


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