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Don’t Be a Dummy With Your Smartphones

Don’t Be a Dummy With Your Smartphones

Smartphones are probably the most helpful invention in the modern world. They’ve transformed the very idea of what it means to live and they rest as a permanent extension at the end of most people’s arms. It used to be impossible to be connected with all people at all times, but with the smartphone, a face is a phone call away, and information is yours with the touch of a button. It’s brilliant for productivity, and at the same time, it’s the biggest curse to productivity.

SmartphonesThere can be no doubt that smartphones are an addiction that many in the world admit they have. Though it’s not as dangerous as a drug, there are very present dangers associated with your smartphone that you might not realize are there. Here’s the thing. Don’t be a dummy. Your phone may be smart…but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to be. If you’re not sure what it means to be smart with your smartphone, here are ways people are really, really dumb. Don’t follow suit.

They Post Private Information With No Thought

Social media makes it really easy to share information with the world. The problem with this is that there is such a thing as oversharing. Nobody cares about what day you graduated middle school. Nobody needs to know what your grandmother’s middle name is.

People post these surveys about their private life details for people to read…but you know what? Nobody reads them. Unless they’re in love with you…and if they’re that valuable, they should already know that information because they have a face to face relationship with you.

Avoid typing in all of your life information on social media sites and other sites that ask. They don’t need to know. They’re just selling your information to programmers and hackers to make money, so save everybody the scrolling power and save yourself the threats that come with it. You’re smarter than that.

They Use Apps That Aren’t Safe

In the world of “There’s an app for that” it’s so easy to press a button and download a free app onto your phone. Guess what. You don’t know anything about that app. Maybe it’s raiding your phone and collecting all of your passwords, all of your credit cards and all of your browsing history. You never know.


Don’t just download apps for mere curiosity. Do a bit of research and don’t keep your private information on your phone unless you know it’s through a secure medium. The most secure of sites might not be safe, so educate yourself on app-related security.

If you think before you post and you keep your innermost heart secrets to yourself and your friends and family actually see in person, you should be fine. Don’t be a dummy, and your smartphone will help you get smarter instead of more vulnerable to thieves present in the world.

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