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Don’t Choose the Body Piercer Near You. Here’s Why.

“Find [insert need here] close to me.”

Whenever we’re looking for a restaurant, movie theater, or activity, that’s what we look for. In the 21st century, convenience is key, and we don’t like going long distances to enjoy the things we love.

Thanks to the simple technology, we can just speak into our phones and they will put together a list of nearby locations for you to choose from.

If you are looking for a delicious fried chicken, this tool is a lifesaver. However, like all tools, it should be used properly.

You might be tempted to start your piercing studio search with the phrase “Finding Piercers Near Me,” but that could be a huge mistake. Here’s why.

How to properly look for a piercer

There is a whole list of things to consider when choosing a piercer. The fact that they have a studio and certification doesn’t guarantee that they are good at what they do or that they are experienced with the piercing you are trying to get.

Woman on the phone

If you can’t find the information you need online, don’t be afraid to speak to the studio about their offerings over the phone.

Before looking at their area, be sure to check their certifications (bonus points if they’re a member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP)), portfolio, social media pages, ratings, and reviews.The facilities are clean and in place via an autoclave sterilizer. (If the studio isn’t around, you can reach out to them and talk about their practices.)

Once you’ve narrowed down some studios based on these criteria, you can choose which studio to patronize based on their location.

You need to find a piercer with specific expertise for the piercing you want

Every piercing is slightly different. The piercer needs to know what angle to be pierced at, how deep the piercing needs to be, and how to avoid important parts like nerve endings.

Finding experienced piercers is especially important when it comes to tongue and genital piercings as the placement is complicated. However, it is just as important to find piercers who are experienced with specific cartilage piercings that you also want.

A misplaced cartilage piercing may not experience problems as extreme as nerve damage, but problems such as piercing bumps can occur. The best thing to do is to do a complete research and find a piercer who offers a portfolio of the piercing you want, even if you think the piercing you want is easy.

Be prepared to invest in travel, especially if you want an intricate piercing

If you want a cartilage or nose piercing, you probably won’t have too much trouble finding a piercer in your area who is good at it. However, if you want something more complicated, such as B. nipple or cheek piercings, you may need to be willing to take a trip to get pierced.

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If you have to travel a long way for your piercing, gather friends and turn it into a fun road trip.

Think of your piercing as a voting process rather than a fashion statement. For example, if you got your nose done, would you go to the nearest plastic surgeon at a discount or would you spend money on the best plastic surgeon you can afford regardless of their location? We suspect the latter.

Do the same for your piercing. Investing in a proper piercer now will save you so much of the hassle of potential complications. Getting pierced isn’t something you should be doing on a budget. Save up for the best experience, even if you have to travel a bit to get there.

A note on small towns versus cities

If you live in a bigger city, the points above may not be that important to you. Opting for a more distant piercer will likely require you to switch buses rather than sitting in the car for a few hours.

If you live in a rural area you might be tempted to not only support the local studios for practical reasons, but also to do business with the people in your community. Depending on your location, you are likely to find a reputable piercer with all certifications who is more than capable of performing a joint piercing well.

The problem arises when you want a slightly rarer piercing.

Open Sign on Small Business

If you live in a small town, you may want to support local businesses. Support your local piercer by seeking advice from them.

It’s not that the rural piercer doesn’t know how to do the piercing. There are probably fewer people in a rural area asking about this piercing, which makes it a rarity. You need to make sure that the piercing that gets into your body is done expertly and your local piercer may simply not have the experience.

If you want to support your local piercer, you can always talk to them about it. If you are a serious piercer, you will know your strengths and weaknesses and will not perform a piercing that you are not comfortable with. Instead, they may send you to see another piercer who they know will do the piercing correctly.

While proximity to the piercing studio is a convenient consideration, it should be your last. There are so many other much more important factors when choosing a piercer. For your next piercing, first find the best piercers, then narrow down your choices based on their location.

Body jewelry inspiration

A good piercer isn’t the only thing you should invest in. Good quality materials are essential for your piercing, even if it is already healed. Here are some body jewelry that should inspire your new pierced look.

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