Donald Trump: confessions in the book of his granddaughter Mary

Turbulent period for the inhabitants of the White House. After the revelation books about the First Lady of the United States, now comes a new book that will hit, this time, the President of the States, Donald Trump. A book whose authoritativeness is ensured by the closeness of the author to the family of The Don: the deep throat, in fact, which has given the volume the emblematic title of Too Much And Never Enough arriving on August 11 in bookstores is Mary Trump, nephew of POTUS.

August 11 is a date not to be underestimated: in fact, exactly two weeks before the Congress of Republicans, it is the one that should pull the electoral sprint for the re-election of Trump. But what could be so dangerous for the reputation of the President and his electoral race? Family scandals? News stories rumors? Much worse.

Donald Trump: confessions in the book of his granddaughter Mary

In fact, it seems that Mary, daughter of The Don’s older brother, was also the deep throat that brought the documents on the tax return of Donald Trump on which the reporters of the newspaper had been working for months, to the New York Times. We are talking about sheets that revealed Trump’s pre-election tax strategy in the White House, a real scoop that will be told in Mary’s book in which she will reveal her role as a in the investigation of the Times. But there is more, here an anticipation of other inconvenient revelations of the granddaughter of the current President of the United States.

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The college

The most explosive concerns the college entrance exams Trump would have cheated on, paying a friend to take the tests in his place so as to secure a place in a good college, that is, the prestigious Wharton business school of the University of Pennsylvania. Mary Trump writes: “Donald, who did not lack funds, paid his friend well” Over the years, Trump has repeatedly boasted of his degree in Wharton, a school for “super geniuses”.

The family

Mary Trump does not hold back when describing her uncle’s family. Donald’s mother, also called Mary, was “emotionally and physically absent”, and her father, Fred, was even worse. “Fred seemed to have no emotional need,” says the book, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times. For this reason, Mary Trump writes, “Donald has suffered deprivations that have marked his life” by developing the traits of a narcissistic personality. Including bullying which, it seems, was pleased to exercise against his brother Robert, perceived by Donald as “weaker”. Even her older sister, retired judge Maryanne Trump Barry, is not particularly well disposed towards her brother president. When Mary asked her aunt to tell her what Donald had been successful in, the former judge replied, “Well, he had five bankruptcies.”

Donald Trump with parents Fred and Mary and second wife Marla Maples

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The future

Mary Trump he thinks the past is able to give us indications of what the future will be like. On the cover of the book he writes: “Today Donald is very similar to when he was three years old: unable to grow, learn or evolve, unable to regulate his emotions, moderate his responses, or take and synthesize information”.

The book will go on sale from July 14, while the unauthorized biography of Melania Trump is already available. Stay connected.

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