Don Cheadle Will Narrate The Wonder Years Reboot Show

Oscar-winner Don Cheadle is set as the Narrator in ABC’s The Wonder Years reboot, which relocates the Emmy-winning program to late 1960s Alabama.

Don Cheadle will narrate ABC’s reboot of The Wonder Years. The coming-of-age dramedy originally spanned six seasons from March 15, 1988, to May 12, 1993, winning a slew of Emmys along the way. Though the initial run of the show followed a white family in suburban California, The Wonder Years reboot produced by Lee Daniels will center on a middle-class Black family in 1960s Montgomery, Alabama.

Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle

The Wrap

Now, The Wrap reports that Don Cheadle has signed on as the Narrator in the ABC revival of The Wonders Years. The Academy Award-winning actor will narrate the show as the adult version of Dean, the show’s 12-year old protagonist portrayed by Elisha “EJ” Williams. Cheadle joins a cast featuring Psych‘s Dulé Hill and Broadway star Saycon Sengbloh, who play Dean’s parents, and newcomer Laura Kariuki, who plays Dean’s older sister. The original series’ star Fred Savage and Saladin Patterson (The Big Bang Theory) will serve as co-executive producers alongside Lee Daniels and Lee Daniels Entertainment prez Marc Velez

The Wonder Years

The Narrator played a key role in the original series, which had Home Alone‘s Daniel Stern as the older, wiser voice of its young protagonist Kevin Arnold (Savage). From the perspective of Kevin in his mid-30s, the Narrator would often frame the material of the show and provide reflection that would counterbalance the passions of youth, a task that Cheadle should be more than capable of handling this time around. With filming on The Wonder Years beginning this spring and the talented MCU actor on board, fans of the beloved classic have even more to look forward to when the reboot eventually lands on ABC.

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