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Dolce and Gabbana Haute Couture 2020

The good life is the title of the new collections Dolce & Gabbanat Haute Couture and Haute Couture 2020 inspired by Italian jet set holidays of the 50s and 60s, when international characters and stars such as Jackie Kennedy, Aristotle Onassis, Brigitte Bardot, Sofia Loren and Gianni Agnelli frequented the most beautiful and exclusive locations in the Bel Paese.

Admiring the collections you will discover motifs, embroideries, prints and details inspired by the flowers of the gardens of Portofino, to the frescoes of the Renaissance villas overlooking the Mediterranean, to the majolica and citrus fruits of Capri, as well as to the lively decorations of the Sicilian carts so dear to the two designers.

The most emblematic looks of the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda 2020 collection are brightly colored dresses and scarves, which reproduce the most famous glimpses of holidays in Italy, like a collection of colorful postcards and mementos to wear. The silhouettes are fluid and relaxed with kaftans, kimono overcoats, elegant jumpsuits, geometric blouses and palazzo pants. We find the scarves as a covering for large straw hats or knotted in the head like turban.

The liveliness of the Bella Vita it is also expressed through the striped and polka dot chiffon, or with soft and floral prints, of the light peplum dresses which enhance the sensuality of female forms. At the same time, kaftans and kimonos with animal prints and details of exotic materials it represents it the most eccentric part of the sixties.

Traditional embroidery and motifs of Italian craftsmanship are reinterpreted on more precious looks of the new Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda 2020 collection. The ensemble kaftan and bikini, in cady embroidered with raffia and crystals with a motif inspired by the Sicilian cart, it is perhaps the most original of the season. Between favorite pieces by stylists There is the tulle kimono illusion with satin edges, cross stitch embroidered with a multicolored floral design and embellished with hand-knotted rainbow silk fringes.

Sandals, slippers and embroidered clutch complete the looks while, the new creations of High Jewelry ennoble the collection with precious stones and unique designs with great personality.

Among the most surprising pieces of Dolce & Gabbana High Jewelry, a set, necklace and earringsinspired by the beauty and generosity of nature. Strawberries, leaves and flowers they are modeled in white and yellow gold like small sculptures and hand-glazed; some fruits are dotted with rubies which enhance the bright red tone, while diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and tourmalines illuminate the three-dimensional surface of the necklace and of the cluster earrings.

The new collection Dolce & Gabbana Haute Couture 2020 takes inspiration from the personalities of adults visionaries, philanthropists and patrons they have always loved The good life Italian, translating their style into garments and looks that lead us to imagine dream holidays in the most enchanting places in Italy. The beauty and culture of Capri, Amalfi, Portofino, Taormina, Venice and Como they materialize in the form of embroidery, prints and hand-painted motifs on a collection of comfortable and ultra chic silhouettes.

The most emblematic look of the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Sartoria 2020 collection is perhaps also one of the easiest to wear: a complete pajama shirt and pants, characterized by a printing of nautical motifs on silk twill that immediately lead us to feel the wind on the skin during a boat ride on Lake Como. The ensemble, like many looks in the collection, is completed by one printed silk scarf decorated with fringes, exotic leather clutch bag and moccasins.

Loose shirts with 1950s collar and Capri pants, evoke the famous square and take turns in tunics in striped linen in homage to the Lido of Venice, or even to dressing gowns of neoclassical inspiration with details of gold leaf applied by hand, which refer to the works collected in the villas of Bellagio.

The Haute Couture 2020 suits are soft and unstructured, with a perfect and casual fit. The pinstripes of the three piece suits are made in hand-embroidered needlepoint and alternate with geometric patterns inspired by the patterns of the sixties parquet that we find in the form of prints on shirts with scarf necks, or inlays on cigarette trousers.

The hand-painted floral motifs on silk and linen they give explosions of color while the most eccentric looks in the collection are perhaps the long ones kaftans entirely embroidered with astral themes, memory of the starry sky that illuminates the nights of a boat holiday off Positano.

L’High Jewelry and Haute Horlogerie ennoble the Haute Couture collection with precious stones and goldsmith craftsmanship. Among the novelties for men a series of cocktail ring in yellow and white gold with diamonds, tourmalines and spinels to be worn on all fingers.

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