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Dog Bites Man – Who Is at Fault?

Although the neighbor down the street may never think their dog can bite anyone, at least you should know that. Many professionals will tell you that people get bitten by dogs for a variety of reasons. You might see a dog you don’t know and notice that he looks lost. It’s not acting aggressively, it’s just sort of walking around. You could do it with the best intentions in the world, and suddenly you are the victim of a dog bite.

As much as the Americans love the best friend of the man, one thing is sure: the dogs bite. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that each year more than 4 million people, including adults and children, suffer from dog bites. About 25% of these dog attacks require an emergency hospital visit. This represents more than a million emergency visits per year due to a dog bite.

Dog Bites Man
Dog Bites Man

Pets, especially dogs, are everywhere these days. Take a look at the rising consumer spending in the pet care and services sector. Do you remember the mom and pop pet store in your town where it was fun to visit and see cute puppies and kittens in the front window? Now, this is a $ 50 billion a year segment of the U.S. economy, and shows no chance of slowing anytime soon. With an estimated more than 78 million companion dogs, the United States also has the highest percentage of dog attacks in the world.

Sadly; and unfortunately, too tragically, most dog bites involve children under the age of 10. Facial injuries are the most common for a dog bite victim. Most bites occur in the home or property of a trusted family member, friend or well-known neighbor. Your neighbor’s loving animal can often become aggressive and attack without provocation. While all breeds of dogs can suddenly become vicious, some breeds are simply more likely to be involved in a dog bite attack. Everyone knows the well-known dangers of a Pit Bull or a Rottweiler, but Cocker Spaniels and Poodles bite more often, but not with such tragic results.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite. your average cost to treat dog bite injuries can reach almost $ 25,000. The risk of wound infection is significant and may be worse than the initial attack. It is imperative that you receive proper medical care for injuries from dog attack. In addition to initial emergency medical treatment, you may need to deal with continuing professional care which may include plastic surgery. It can be difficult to repair the damage and scarring, sometimes two or more surgeries are required. Often, as the attack on a dog was a traumatic event, the victim of the dog bite might even need to receive professional advice for the emotional issues involved.

If you or a family member has been bitten by a dog and sustained injuries, consult a doctor immediately. Even if you don’t think the injuries are very serious, you still need to be treated by a doctor. Make sure you know if the dog involved was up to date on its vaccinations and vaccinations. the next step is to consult legal counsel. You need a good dog bite lawyer to guide you through the process and help determine a fair settlement for your dog bite attack.

How to Stop Dog Bites – It’s a Mystery to Me

Have you ever wondered how to stop dog bites? If so, then you should learn the methods of dog bite prevention. Yes, I am aware that some of these methods sound silly and mean; but when your pet bites you, those tricks don’t seem so silly anymore.

If you want to avoid being bitten, be sure that you keep your dog on a leash. This will help to keep him from wandering away and also allow you to protect yourself. And it is a fact that dogs are more aggressive when they are in a herd of more than one.

You must also be sure that your dog is in his crate or fenced yard. He should never be left unattended for more than a minute or two. And if he is running free, there are other dogs who might jump into his path, especially when you open the door or when he is being walked.

Make sure that your dog is vaccinated for rabies. And also be sure that your dog does not eat the same items as you do. In fact, your dog should not eat chocolate, dogs, or any food that contains any type of milk. All of these can make a dog more aggressive.

Do not let your dog chew on any type of raw meat. Any type of bone will just cause your dog to jump and bite. Also, be sure that your dog is not getting up on tables, desks, or counters to lick food off them. If your dog does this, then you need to restrain him until he calms down.

Always keep your dog’s leash on him when you are outside. It’s much easier to stop a dog bite when you are able to easily remove your dog’s leash. Dogs like to chew and if they get loose, they can chew and end up biting you.

Dog bites can also occur when your dog is playing with his dog toys. His playfulness can get the best of him and you end up getting bitten.

Keep your dog on a leash at all times. If you do not want to, then at least have a leash that is attached in a way that it cannot get caught in a doorway or any other part of your home. Just be careful and never let him off of the leash for too long periods of time.

If you are going to let your dog out of the backyard or even the dog park, it’s best to have a designated area in your own house where he can be contained. For example, have a crate handy so that you can keep your dog safely inside. If possible, place a secure fence around your dog’s yard.

You should be sure that your dog is kept on a leash while he is in the house. Keep in mind that if your dog is not exercised, he will grow lazy and it can lead to a bit of aggression. You may even consider purchasing a small doggie treadmill that is perfect for exercising your dog while he sleeps.

You should also use a citronella bark collar for your dog. Many people do not realize that this is the number one way to keep your dog from being aggressive. It’s just another way to keep him safe by keeping him from biting people.

You can also keep your dog on a leash if you are going to be away from home. There are some inexpensive dog collars that are great for walking your dog while you are away. And remember, when you have a dog, it’s your responsibility to make sure that he is kept safe at all times.

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