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Does My Auto or Homeowners Insurance Police Cover Mailbox Damage?

Since 2013, the U.S. postal service has promoted a move that will save the agency billions of dollars. By requiring owners of new homes to use sidewalk mailboxes like those used by millions of other homeowners and renters, the associated costs will be significantly reduced.

Although the change favors cost-cutting efforts, it does bring some discomfort to those accustomed to traditional delivery at the front of the door. That downside, however, is not comparable to the real risk that the position just introduced – near the road – presents: exposure to damage caused by a colliding car or another type of vehicle.

Due to the fact that the mailboxes located on the side of the road are in the immediate vicinity of the constant movement of cars and trucks, there is an extremely high risk of being hit and damaged.

Can I file an insurance claim?

If another driver hits your inbox, be sure to ask for his phone number and address, as well as information on his driver’s license. Next, file an official police report and file an insurance claim with the driver’s auto insurance. Buy another mailbox like the one you are replacing and save the sales slip so that there is proof of the costs for the insurance reward.

Over time, chances are you’re not at home if and when your mailbox gets damaged by another car. So what, right?

Check your doors for contact information that may be left by a called police officer or the driver himself. You can also call the police and see if a police report on the accident has been filed. In the event that note with relevant contact information or any element related to an associated police report is not detected, be sure to file a police report in the event of an accident as soon as possible. If this doesn’t get you anywhere, you can still opt for a homeowners insurance claim. Be prepared for a total denial or a denial based on not meeting the deductible requirements, however.

In the event that the mailbox has been damaged due to vandalism, you can do one of the following:

• Submit a police report to be reimbursed by the vandal when arrested as part of a court decision.

• You can also see if the homeowners’ insurance policy will cover you for such an act of vandalism. Consult your independent insurance agency for a professional opinion on the matter.

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