Does castor oil work on the eyebrows?

Castor oil is the grandmother’s remedy par excellence. Used in cosmetics since the ancient Egyptians, precisely because it is a portentous anti-inflammatory and is a long-life elixir, it is now popular for DIY aesthetics. In fact, it has the power to naturally thicken the eyebrows and lengthen your eyelashes. One hundred percent of plant origin, rich in keratin and Vitamin E, is filtered from the castor plant (but not from the seeds, poisonous), it is also found in the pharmacy for a thousand benefits.

It is good for treating chapped skin or blisters and for strengthening nails. One teaspoon a day has a laxative effect, while on hair it prevents frizz, eliminates dandruff, makes it soft and shiny and repairs split ends.

Does castor oil work on the eyebrows?

Castor Oil

It can also be said that the oil – applied at least once a day – can make the lengths grow faster. But for those who have the problem of having little thick brows, here the beauticians advise applying castor oil to facilitate hair growth, before being able to give them the desired shape.

How to do? In the evening, after removing make-up and before going to sleep. Take a cotton swab, moisten it with a few drops of product, and pass it throughout the eyebrow arch. Letting it dry well and let it act all night. If by chance the oil comes into contact with the eye, rinse it with warm water. In a few weeks, you will see eyebrows effect wow and say goodbye to the coloring pencil.

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