What is DJ Snake’s net worth?

Total Price:$ 8 million
Arising:13 June 1986
country of originFrance
Sources of funds:Professional dj
Last Updated:2020


DJ Snake is a French DJ and record producer from Paris.

DJ Snake debuted in the international scene in 2013 with singles ‘Bird Machine’ and ‘Turn Down for What’s’. He is considered one of the most popular DJs of all time.

By 2020, DJ Snake’s total assets are estimated to be $ 8 million.

DJ Snake Net Worth
DJ Snake Net Worth

early life

William Sami Etienne Grigahin was born on 13 June 1986 in Paris.

Grigahin is the son of parents who were Algerian immigrants. The serpent, considered a suburb where he grew up as a slum, left school at 15 to take up employment in a famous record store in Paris.

Working in the popular record shop, DJ Snake came up with several iconic hip-hop artists, rappers and EDM DJs.

The business

DJ Snake got his first major break of his career when he came in contact with Lady Gaga’s on-road DJ, Paul Blair.

Of the 20 original songs that Sarp composed for Blair, the latter five were chosen, which he later integrated with ‘Government Hooker’, a track from Lady Gaga’s album, ‘Born This Way’.

DJ Snake collaborated with Lil Jon in December 2013 for ‘Turn Down for What’ which was released and distributed by Columbia Records. The track made it to the top 10 of Billboard’s electronic dance music charts in the same month and year.

Island Records marketed and distributed DJ Snake’s remix track ‘You Know You Like It’ in 2014. The remixed number topped the 2015 Rhythmic Songs and Billboard Dance Mix / Show Airplay charts.

‘Lean On’ had become the most widely streamed track on Spotify since its inception, with over 526 million downloads as of November 2015. A video format of the track, which was filmed in India under Tim Erem, was launched in the same month. The single was released.

As of 2020, DJ Snake has total assets of $ 8 million.


Here are some of the best glimpses of DJ Snake’s career:

  • Turn Up (Album, 2014)
  • Encore (album, 2016)
  • Taki taki (song, 2018)
  • NRJ Music Award for DJ of the Year (2018-2019)
  • Carte Blanche (album, 2019)

Favorite Quotes from DJ Snake

“You never know: the next DJ Snake, the next Skrillex, the next big DJ can wait outside the club. You’ll give back and listen to the next generation and show some love.” – DJ Snake

“It is important to me that my music stands out. The sound of ‘taki taki’ is nothing else, and it is difficult when you are on the road all the time, but it is essential for me how people feel about my work. It was the same with ‘Magenta Riddhim’. – DJ Snake

“I was surrounded by all kinds of cultures – French, Indian, Arabic – a melting pot of cultures, sounds, foods, people and religions. It opened my eyes quickly, and I am grateful for it. It is not about success in one area; It is about seeing the world musically and spending time in those places whenever you can. ” – DJ Snake

“I have no problem with my eyes. When I grew up, I suddenly found myself playing on stage with 200,000 people, and it’s scary. I remember that my manager just put me on sunglasses, which should ease the panic. So I tried it, and it worked. ” – DJ Snake

3 powerful lessons from dj snake

Now that you know all about DJ Snake’s net worth and how he achieved success; Let’s have a look at some of the lessons we can learn from:

1. Happiness

Allow yourself to be happy now, and don’t wait until you reach some arbitrary goal. However, remember that everything in life is either growing or dying, so choose what you like for your life.

2. Self Image

You define yourself – no one else. So when you create an incredible self-image for yourself, you will naturally develop into your amazing expectations.

3. Goal

Any goal can be reached if given enough time. So let’s go and start moving in the right direction.


DJ Sneak is a French rapper and deyjay, who earned two Grammy Award nominations for his composition and production skills.

DJ Snake has striven to evoke the musical genres of ‘trap,’ ‘house,’ and ‘electronic dance music’, which have been accepted through nominations for Grammy, Billboard and MTV Video Music Awards.

As of 2020, DJ Snake has total assets of $ 8 million.

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