DIY waxing: how to prepare the skin before and after

DIY waxing: how to prepare the skin before and after

In this period we feel a little bit of Bridget Jones (but also a bit of Mel Gibson in the film What women want). That is, we have to get home with the waxing do-it-yourself but trying to avoid disasters, just like the respective protagonists of the rom-com. To avoid trauma to the skin it is necessary to prepare it first and treat it well post-waxing do it yourself, to prevent it from filling with red dots or ingrown hair and it is painful. But exactly, what is right to do before and after and, so to speak, as pleasant as possible?

DIY waxing: how to prepare the skin before and after


Many women use ready-made strips, with oil-based wipes inside the kit, which easily eliminate excess wax. Those who prefer a more professional job, there are various types of wax. That a cold, insoluble in water, apply with the roller. To mitigate irritation and to eliminate any residue, the best method is a pass of olive oil or almond. For the hot one, which is the most complex to “handle” because it is very liquid, all you need is a body cream.

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For the sugaring, which is the most natural and ideal for sensitive skin with light and fine hair – also easy to achieve at home thanks to a compound of hot water, lemon, and sugar – there won’t be too many complications, just a quick wash with warm water and soap. In all three cases the advice is from do not take a hot shower after: would redden the epidermis, even more, causing burning. Finally, those who have double regrowth are destined not to have completely smooth skin after waxing. In this case, one pass of is allowed razor once┬áthe redness has subsided.


For hot or cold wax it is in the opposite direction of the hair follicle, i.e. from the bottom up. With the sugaring instead, it is from top to bottom, as the natural direction of the hair.