DIY pedicure: Effective remedies for cracked heels

DIY pedicure: Effective remedies for cracked heels

Of course, it’s not the classic summer, the one that awaits us. But equally the time has come to pull sandals out of the closet, and kick off the DIY pedicure. Quarantine laziness banned, enough with the refrain “no one sees me anyway”: it’s the ideal time to dedicate a beauty routine to your feet and, in case you neglected them for the whole autumn-winter, make up for a lost time, hydrating, filing, exfoliating.

DIY pedicure
DIY pedicure: Effective remedies for cracked heels 1

By the way, it seems that in times of lockdown are sales of beauty products increased “feet related (online channel): in the United States, trend marketing agencies identified a growing search volume for April masks and scrub dedicated to chapped feet and heels, but also for nail polishes, nail files and calluses. So here is how to set it up remise en forme of the feet directly within the walls of the house (waiting to return to the beautician).

DIY pedicure: what you need to know

As he explains Tamara Call, spa manager Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort, “We tend to forget that the feet are between the most stressed and stressed parts of our body. In fact, they support all our weight 365 days a year and for all cold months, they remain closed and suffocated in shoes. That’s why they often present the bill this season, showing themselves dehydrated and dry, with chapped heels and thick and damaged skin. They can also appear calluses and fissures but in these cases the rule of consulting a podiatrist, carefully avoiding DIY, on pain of worsening the problem “.

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The beauty routine dedicated to the feet

According to beauty team of Lefay Resorts & Spa, “It would be advisable to massage your feet every day, preferably in the evening, with one emollient and moisturizing cream to prevent and reduce chapping, dryness and callosity. Start from the fingertips and, massaging one finger at a time, go slowly up to the ankle. Needless to say, it is a super relaxing ritual.

To maintain flawless feet is important to exfoliate the skin of the heels, tending to be rough and thick, with the help of a scrub enriched with micro granules, to rinse with warm water. In this way, not only are dead cells removed, but circulation is reactivated. After the evening foot bath, one can be passed very gently pumice stone on the hardest parts of the foot, applying an ointment prepared by mixing 40 grams of vaseline with two grams of salicylic acid, plus a few drops of lemon juice.

The idea of ​​rubbing the foot with a hard bristle brush or a loofah glove is also excellent, with the result of a silky and smooth skin “. Front nail routine: “After holding I soak for about ten minutes, so as to soften them, proceed cutting the nails with a straight cut, and then file them giving them the desired shape, “advises Call.

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Do-it-yourself foot massage

When the feet are aching or, either because of the heat or because you are pregnant, I am swollen and red like cotechini, one is needed anti-fatigue and draining routine tailored. Second Emanuela Mattiuzzi, expert of essential oils, “The idea is – once or twice a week – to apply a revitalizing compress to the whole foot, up to the ankle. At home create this compound: a handful of white clay, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, remineralizing; five drops of ginger essential oil, energizing and pain reliever; a handful of fine cooking salt. Left to act for about twenty minutes, this natural mix reduces swelling and gives a priceless sense of lightness.

When temperatures start to rise, it is ideal to create yourself a soothing and anti-hot foot bath, adding to the warm or cold water (never frozen) five drops of lavender essential oil, calming and antiseptic; five of juniper essential oil, purifying and stimulating the circulation; a handful of white clay. In this case too, calculate about twenty minutes to obtain a refreshing and refreshing effect “. Cinderella feet coming soon …