Diwali preparations for Celebration, Decoration and Shopping

Diwali preparations for Celebration, Decoration and Shopping


Unlike other festivals, Diwali preparations cannot be done in a day or so. It needs time to make necessary arrangements for its celebrations. This year Diwali will be celebrated on 30th October when the entire Earth’s dirt is washed away by the monsoon and cozy winters stands at the doorstep.

diwali preparations

Diwali the famous Hindus festivals

Diwali is one of the famous Hindus festivals, which is celebrated with lots of pomp and shows. It is a festival which is looked upon by everyone with lots of enthusiasm. There are people who anxiously wait for the Diwali throughout the year.  To a businessman it’s a start of a new year and to some its perfect blend of joy and merry making.

diwali shopping

Decorating the house


Decorating the house is a common phenomena that raptures everybody’s mind specially ladies. They love to decorate it with Rangoli, Candeels(a decorative lantern made with shiny paper and bamboo sticks), Diyas(made of mud or wax) wallpaper, flowers, etc. Diwali crackers are the major attraction for children. Their Diwali starts off 2 months prior to Diwali date. They buy and burn crackers and enjoy the festival to its fullest extent. This Diwali celebration starts a month before and continues even 4-5 days after the D-day (Diwali day).

diwali decorating

Diwali decoration

With technology at the doorstep, Diwali decoration has changed its presentations. Earlier people use to decorate the house with paper streamers, natural flowers, hand draw Rangoli on the floor,etc. is now being replaced by Diwali wallpapers and ready-made Rangoli in which an attractive colorful design is made on the sheet and you just need to fix it wherever you want to. You can buy as many numbers of Rangoli pattern to decorate different parts of your house on Diwali.

diwali decoration

Diwali Rangoli


You can buy stones and glitters Rangoli (drawn on the plastic sheet) is selling hot in the market these days. People are showing innovation in it and trying their hands on various decorating options like stones, shells, flowers, rice, glitters etc. earlier people use to make Diwali Rangoli with the help of turmeric, mehndi leaves, ground  rice powder, etc. because of global warming people are now switching to herbal or natural Rangoli items.

diwali rangoli

Diwali shopping

Another very exciting part of Diwali is its shopping. Diwali shopping includes new clothes, Diwali sweets, crackers, decoration items,frills, electric laddiya, idols of lord Ganesha and Goddess Luxmi, wax diyas, wax candles and many more. People love to paint their imagination through Rangoli and the decoration of the house.

Diwali sweets

diwali sweets

Earlier people use to distribute special Diwali sweets to their friends and relatives, but now they have switched to dry fruits or gift items. Exchanging cakes and chocolates on Diwali is also grabbing popularity.

Celebrate Diwali


Diwali is a family festival as it is celebrated by all. People who are working outside their city or country come back to their home to celebrate Diwali. Evening prayer at a special time (told by Pundits) by complete family no wonder brings prosperity and wealth in the house.

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