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Divan Beds Or Ottoman Beds – Which Bed is Best For Your Storage Needs?

The extra storage space in your home means you can keep rooms tidy and uncluttered, and ottomans and sofa beds are the ideal way to store items. With both sofas and ottomans offering great storage solutions, which one is right for you? Check out these pros and cons of each here.

Sofa beds for containers

Sofas are a popular choice for storage as items are easily accessible via drawers in the sofa base. Most sofas contain at least two drawers deep enough to hold anything from sheets to books and toys.

Depending on the product you choose, you can access these drawers by pulling them out or by sliding on a panel to access the area under the bed. In most cases, opting for pull-out drawers is a better choice as it is easier to store items neatly in these and as you will take them out, you can clearly see what’s inside.

One major drawback of sofas for storing items is that in most cases you will need to pay extra for the drawers, they usually cost around GBP 30 – GBP 100 or more depending on the number of drawers required and the cost of the sofa and of the actual mattress. The sofas are ideal if you need easy access to items stored in the bed, and because the drawers are integrated, they offer a reliable and stylish storage solution.

Ottoman for storage

Ottoman beds function in a similar way to a traditional ottoman, in that to access the items stored in the base, simply lift the top half of the base. Ottomans are a good choice if you have a lot of items to store as you have access to space the full size of your bed which gives you plenty of storage, especially if you have a king size bed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Divan Beds

Ottomans are generally classic in style and many leather ottomans can add a touch of glamor to the bedroom. One disadvantage of an ottoman is that some people may find it difficult to access the storage space as the entire top half of the base has to be raised. Ottomans are ideal for storing items you don’t need to use regularly such as spare sheets or duvets, and many come with an easy lift or assisted lift action to make opening the storage space much easier.

A possible downside to Ottomans is that they tend to be more expensive than sofas. If you need a lot of storage space and a super stylish bed, ottomans are a great choice for your home.

Whether you prefer sofas or ottomans for your storage solution, you will find plenty of comfortable beds to choose from in the large selection of ottomans and sofas.

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