42 Small Walt Disney Tattoos with Images

Disney Tattoos are included in one of the latest trends when it comes to permanent inks. A lot of Disney Tattoos are already seen with people we know or people we just met because they too grew up believing in the magical world of Disney. “Walt Disney – Where dreams come true!” – is a very powerful and enticing line to adults and especially to the children.

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21. Snow White Tattoo

Disney Princess Tattoos

The tattoo shows Snow White already took a bite of the poisonous apple.

22.Baymax Tattoo

Disney Theme Tattoos

As we can see in the picture, Baymax is being pulled by a dog. Funny tattoos are actually cool too!

23.Infinity Disney Tattoo

Disney Themed Tattoos

A customized Minnie Mouse tattoo that is combined with an infinity symbol.

24. Tale as Old as Time

Disney Quote Tattoos

A line from the theme song of Beauty and the Beast with the flower as shown in the movie. As what the quote has said, Beauty and Beast’s tale is as old as time but have touched our hearts up to this moment.

25. Pooh Hugging a Pillow

Disney Themed Tattoos

We all know Pooh is a very loveable character. In the picture, we can see Pooh hugging a heart-shaped pillow plus you can add a name if you want to.

26. A Minnie Key with Disney Castle

Disney Themed Tattoos

In this tattoo, we can see a key customized with Minnie mouse bow and the castle serves as the key wards.

27. Olaf Tattoo

Cute Disney Tattoos

Olaf is a very jolly character in the movie Let it Go. He seemed to make everyone happy and have a very positive outlook on life. The tattoo clearly says it all.

28.Princess Jasmine Tattoo

Princess Themed Disney Tattoos

A beautiful portrait of Princess Jasmine of the movie Alladin. Princess Jasmine is a dreamer and soon became an adventurous woman when she met Alladin.

29. Mickey and Minnie Couple Tattoo

Couple Disney Tattoos

These tattoos are great for young couples. We can see Mickey and Minnie about to kiss each other. Isn’t it sweet?

30. Alladin and Jasmine

Couple Themed Disney Tattoos

Alladin and Jasmine together are perfect! The tattoo clearly portrayed the movie by putting gems, the castle, and the magic lamp.

31.Thumper Tattoo

Themed Disney Tattoos

Thumper is the rabbit friend of Bambi. He is named that way because he is always thumping his left foot.

32.  Bambi Tattoo

Disney Tattoos Ideas

Bambi is a white-tailed deer living in the forest together with his friend Thumper. In this tattoo, Bambi is portrayed as a young deer that seems very happy. Bambi has this charm that makes this tattoo cute and adorable.

34.101 Dalmatians

Disney Tattoos With Names

Pongo and Perdita of 101 Dalmatians. This tattoo is great for dog lovers. Initials were added on the top but you can always choose to put your name or even your dog’s name to make your tattoo more memorable.

35.Mulan Tattoo

Disney Tattoos Ideas

Who is the girl I see? It’s Mulan. We all know her, the brave girl who impersonated to be her father during the war and end up saving China from the invasion of Huns.

36. Simba Tattoo

Magical Disney Tattoos

Simba is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi in the film, “The Lion King”. The tattoo shows a little Simba, with a golden fur and red hair on his head.

37.Dory of Finding Nemo

Unique Disney Tattoos

This Disney tattoo is Dory from the movie, Nemo. Dory is the forgetful fish who helped Marlin in his search for Nemo.

38. Baymax Tattoo

Disney Tattoos With Quotes

The tattoo shows Baymax, with his own version of fist bump.

39. Toothless Tattoo

Unique Disney Tattoos

Although we saw Toothless already a grown-up dragon in the movie, this tattoo takes it to a different angle and showed a baby Toothless. Isn’t it cute?

40. Grumpy of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Unique Disney Tattoos

Snow White’s seven dwarfs have their own and unique personality. In this picture, we have Grumpy. He usually displays his stubborn face like the tattoo.

41. Little Minnie Mouse

Unique Disney Tattoos

The picture shows a little Minnie Mouse. The pink color of her ribbon and cloth makes it more adorable!

42. Ariel the Little Mermaid

Subtle Walt Disney Tattoos

Last but not least, we have Ariel, the little mermaid on a subtle watercolor base. Watercolor tattoos are the latest trend nowadays.

There you have it! We hope our Disney tattoos ideas helped you decide before you start your first ink or whether it’s for the next permanent mark. Always remember to always believe in your dreams, just like Disney has taught us!

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