Why Disinfectants Are Indispensable in Laboratories

Why Disinfectants Are Indispensable in Laboratories

Why Disinfectants Are Indispensable in Laboratories

Disinfectants like CaviCide are incredibly important tools to make sure infections don’t spread around. In fact, they are so important that, without them, care centers, health clinics, laboratories, hospitals, and so on, literally couldn’t exist. Disinfectants prevent cross-contamination of microbes, viruses, fungi, and bacteria, thereby protecting not just service users in medical facilities, but also staff.

Disinfectants Are Indispensable in Laboratories

In fact, people often forget that those who work in laboratories or hospitals are at an incredibly high risk of catching infections. Health care environments, while as sterile as possible, are always breeding grounds for a variety of viruses and bacteria, which are completely invisible. These include HCV, HBV, TB, and HIV. Through disinfectants, these infections cannot be 100% avoided, but the chance of them cross-contaminating can be significantly reduced. This is why they are found in patient rooms, isolation rooms, operation rooms, emergency rooms, and so on.

Different Types of Disinfectants

There are a range of different kinds of disinfectants available today and they are not all created equally. Most have specific properties that make them more or less suitable for specific types of environments. For instance, a surface cleaner should only be used on non-porous surfaces, such as those of examination tables and laboratory surfaces. These are surfaces that are at a particularly high risk of being contaminated with viruses and bacteria. This is why it is also so important to properly clean them. If you are in the market for a disinfectant, you need to look for a number of qualities:

  • It should be non-irritating and non-corrosive.
  • It should have fast killing properties.
  • It should not damage the surface to which it is applied.
  • It should be easy and safe to use.

A good example of an excellent disinfectant cleaner is CaviCide, owned by Metrex. Their cleaner is a multipurpose cleaner and decontaminant that can be used on non-porous surfaces. They are suitable for the hard surfaces of any type of medical setting. Metrix is committed to making sure health settings can remain clean and healthy at all times, which is why they have made their products available in a range of different ways, including:

  • 55 gallon CaviCide
  • 4/csCaviCide gallons
  • 2 ozCaviCide spay
  • 2/cs 22.5 gallon CaviCide
  • 12/cs 24oz CaviCide spray

The spray is a particularly popular product, taking just two to three minutes to kill HCV, HBV, HIV, and TB. The spray is non-toxic and non-irritating.

Metrex has also created CaviWipes, which come in canisters and flat packs. They even sell the wall brackets for these wipes for extra ease. The wipes containers are created so as not to dry out the product.

Not only do you have to choose the right product, you also have to make sure that you actually use it properly. The manufacturer, whether CaviCide, another Metrex product, or any other disinfectant, will come with very specific instructions. You must follow these properly if you want to make sure that the product actually works. This is particularly important in terms of type of surface and how long it should be left in order to kill the infections.

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