What Makes Disha Patani One of the Hottest Stars in Bollywood?

Disha Patani is a Big Name in Bollywood

Disha Patani has become a big name in today’s Bollywood scene. Her strong talent makes her a fascinating star worth looking forward to. She has especially made a name for herself in a few big movies including one about a true cricket legend.

Disha Patani

Her name is especially growing as she has been developing a number of new skills. Many of these skills entail great points that highlight the strong work that she puts into her general efforts. The entertaining work that Patani puts into her skills shows just how great of a figure she is in Bollywood and that she is truly an outstanding figure for all fans to watch for.

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Disha Patani is from Uttar Pradesh. It is unclear as to whether she was born in 1992 or 1995. Her first big appearance came in 2015 when she starred in a Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisement. It was not long after that when she would start to get some huge roles.

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Over time Patani has starred in a number of exciting films. She particularly focuses on Hindi and Telugu films. She was worked with many great professionals over the years in a variety of productions:

  • In 2015, she appeared in the Telugu film Loafer. She stars in the film as the love of a man who is trying to avoid his father before he could be taken away and possibly corrupted.
  • A year later, Patani starred as herself in a Hindi music video for Meet Bros’ Befikra. The video has garnered more than 30 million views and has been one of the more talked about ones around.
  • In 2017, she appeared in the Chinese film Kung Fu Yoga. The film, which was directed by Stanley Tong and stars Jackie Chan, is a film featuring all sorts of martial arts action scenes and surprising stunts.
  • Patani will also star in the 2018 film Baaghi 2. This martial arts film out of India also features Tiger Shroff. The film will be a full sequel to the 2016 film that spread all around India.

Disha Patani Images by Tips ClearThe movies that she has starred in or will be starring in are very prominent films. These show off many great highlights that are certainly entertaining for all people to watch.

Disha Patani Images by Tips Clear

Disha and Tiger

Although Patani and Shroff have just been working together, they have shown a great sense of chemistry between the two. They have both been working together as a dynamic couple.

Disha Patani and Tiger Sharoof

Patani, in particular, has been undergoing acrobatic training in recent time. This was to help her with preparing for many of the big action scenes in the movie. Shroff also has been undergoing martial arts training under the support of prominent action film director Tonny Ching.

Disha and Tiger Shroof

Patani and Shroff have been seen around Thailand and China as well as various parts of India shooting the film. They have been doing well with each other although it is uncertain as to whether or not their great work with one another will lead to something a little bigger.

Her Biggest Movie

Although the movies that Patani has been in are popular, there is one film of hers that stands out. Many people know Patani best for her work on the hit 2015 film MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. This Hindi film marked Patani’s Bollywood debut.

Disha Patani and Jackie ChanThe hit film is based on the story of MS Dhoni, the prominent Indian national cricket star. The film is one of the highest grossing movies in Indian history as it has grossed more than a billion rupees.

Patani appears in the movie as Priyanka Jha, the girlfriend of Dhoni. Sushant Singh Rajput starred as Dhoni in the film. Kiara Advani and Anupam Kher are among the many other big stars in the film.

Disha Patani HD image

Disha Patani is a True Instagram Star

People all around India have been sharing some of Patani’s many Instagram posts. She has quickly become one of the hottest stars on the social network with nearly seven million followers. People can see some of her many stunning fashions through her various photos. Her pictures have become very entertaining and fascinating for all to watch.

Disha Patani Images

The photos also show short clips from some of the many movies that she has been starring in. These include some appealing clips that highlight some of her greater appearances with numerous stars.

Disha Patani Images

The great work that Disha Patani has put into her acting career is certainly worth looking into. She is a big star with plenty of talents. Disha has especially become a noteworthy figure on Instagram thanks to the great skills that she holds. She is definitely a figure that all fans of Bollywood entertainment to check out.

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