Discover the Most Disturbing Horror Films

Discover the Most Disturbing Horror Films

Disturbing Horror Films
Disturbing Horror Films

In terms of horror movies, there are subgenres known to many. Basically, it is literally true that there are various ways to die. However, before anything else, do not miss out on the heart and at the same time, guts of horror. All of these will make individuals sleep when they are dead already. Most movies out there, especially during Halloween, try to be scary. There are times though when this is not the case.

If the film does not achieve its thrilling purpose, it becomes disturbing by nature. So what are the most disturbing horror films?

The Most Disturbing Movies

  1. The Slasher – for movie lovers who are fond of seeing dice and slice which happen to big knives, this is the perfect film for them. This is where the claws are seen as well. It cannot be denied that the existence of chainsaws can be pretty much scary, most especially when they are under the regulations of safety and health.

A classic these days are achieved by putting in the gasps of madman who lives at home together with his family. The family is the gist here because it is filled with cannibals who rob graves. Look at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There are already remakes, sequels, imitators and the like.

  1. Biological Horror – one good example of this is the movie The Human Centipede. This is the movie that revolves around corpses and them being disfigured. There are so many American travelers out there who do not quite get this category.

Just imagine Cassandra and Mimi are getting lost in a forest in Paris. Then after, they found a nightclub near in France. Upon their way home, they saw a remote house. Upon entering, they stumbled upon a nutjob surgeon who is in-charged with using the mentioned tool just to deal with conjoined twins. Then, he just decided to stitch things up. This is how biological horror movies operate, and work. For people who want to see more of this, they must check on Freaks and Frankenstein.

  1. The Faux-Documentary – these are the movies that go with a tagline, “based on a true story.” With the modern age of reality TV and the internet, there was a twist to this kind of theme already. There was a shock introduced, and this genre has never been the same since the introduction of Blair Watch Project. This is about a reporter named Angela, who chases fire crews from a night shift schedule. This happens with her cameraman called Pablo. This is a movie with a massive amount of zombies, blood, sicko dogs and even suspect children.
  1. Agents of Horror – with the existence of so many horror movies, evildoers turned out to be way too predictable. However, it cannot be denied that they work. Take a look at this film The Birds. This turned out to be a major source of terror for those who never imagined that harmless animals can be pretty scary. Who would have thought that eagles can attack people? The same is also true with crows, lovebirds, seagulls and even many chickens. This movie is somehow a revelation for animal lovers out there.
  2. Tales of Torture – there are so many terrible movies out there about torture, so this deserves to be given a spot here in this list. Who would ever forget Saw? This marked the utilization of tricycle. This is the best as compared to other movies like The Shining. This is just a rival, though because if there is a movie that mastered this, it will be Salo. Salo has been released in some countries after it being banned for almost a decade. This is so intense that not all spectators can finish the whole thing.
  3. Evil for in Weird Places – when this is talking about, stuff like eerie woods, college dorms, haunted houses, caverns, and caves will come into place. These are said to be the go-to setting for this type of category. Look at the firm T is for Toilet. This is a standout with good reasons, of course. It is the greatest and coolest stop motion in terms of horror film. This is obtained from fittings in the blood thirsty bathroom. This is how the first-born is claimed. A good suggestion aside from this is Amityville Horror. This is a movie made 1979.

The above mentioned are just examples. There are still many disturbing movies that movie lovers ought to see. They are perfect for those who want to scream their hearts and lungs out. Check them now!

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