Dior Cruise 2021: all dresses with lace and embroidery

Dior Cruise 2021: the oldest craft techniques give us iconic and timeless garments perfect for the summer

The Dior Cruise 2021 show took us to Lecce, in the heart of Puglia. The collection is a real tribute to the Apulian arts and crafts, and celebrates the excellence and great value of ancient crafts. Large space is therefore reserved for lace, some of which are made with the bobbin technique, and used to decorate princess dresses.

But when we talk about lace we also think of the typical light and refined dress that we would show off on holiday. And the collection holds numerous proposals that go in this direction. From romantic long see-through dresses with a vintage imprint, embellished with crochet work, to real patchwork of macramé squares with balloon sleeves, up to the classic Sangallo lace dress. Dior combines them with maxi-bustier and shopper belts, colored or neutral, and flat sandals. But also to boots.

“In November I had gone to Puglia to meet the craftsmen of the area to collaborate together. During the trip I discovered the existence of extraordinary craftsmen, such as those of the Le Costantine Foundation, which supports the women in the area who deal with the creation of fabrics. They produce incredible fabrics that represent all the different traditions of the region, they make them by hand on a loom. It is important to celebrate this type of work, especially because there is this idea, not only in Italy, but in the world, that these works are normally done by women as housework, rather than as creative work “, explained Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director of Dior to Tips Clear.

“Another small group of women, who keep alive the tradition of the bobbin, coordinated by the expert craftsman Marilena Sparasci, created embroidered roses to carry on the tradition of a Miss Dior dress (an embroidered flower dress created in 1949, Editor’s note) . And she made these incredible flowers, they are very delicate, a true work of art “.

See the complete collection here.


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