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Digital fashion: the clothes of the future will be virtual with Tribute Brand

Digital fashion is now a reality and, if in recent times we have seen the birth of the first virtual influencers (like Lil Miquela), the ready-to-wear looks go right into video games (see the case of Animal Crossing), and discovered imaginary jewels that promise to increase the senses, today there are who, how Tribute Brand, has set up a real fashion house able to design and sell, strictly online, looks and accessories to be worn only in virtual life. A collective of creatives, with a common past in fashion, who prefers to remain anonymous to project this innovative vision of fashion as far as possible from the real world. The goal of Tribute Brand is to change the way we consume fashion considering that a leader who does not exist materially will have no impact on our planet. Read our interview.

Digital fashion: the clothes of the future will be virtual
Digital fashion: the clothes of the future will be virtual

How did you come up with the idea of ​​a digital fashion collection?

It’s an idea we’ve been working on since 2017, and with all the chaos in the world right now we decided it was the right time to let people see this totally sustainable new approach. […] People are spending more and more time in the virtual spaces that we all know as social networks. […] We believe that digital fashion can truly influence the future of the system.

Can Tribute Brand garments be worn by anyone? Do users have to pay to wear them?

Yes, it works like a normal e-commerce store, but all the garments exist in a virtual space. You can consult our website www.tribute-brand.com and order cyber clothes. Then you receive a computer-generated imagery (CGI) image in which you wear those garments. Each cyber-boss has a maximum number of uploads, and when he is exhausted he is no longer put online. We also offer another service, TB Taylor Made Cyber ​​Services. If someone has an idea for a digital outfit, we estimate the cost of the model and make it for them. You can call it “Cyber ​​Couture”.

Are the Tribute Brand models original or are they inspired by other brands? Do you have any collaborations in mind?

The models are all original, most of them are derived from sketches that we have developed with our “real” brand in the past. When you put all these clothes digitally, you actually see the clothes, which was not possible before. We believe that collaborations are the right way to shape our brand and to continue in this technological direction.

The jewels of the future that increase the senses

Where do you see yourself in a year? And in ten?

When we launched Tribute Brand [a maggio 2020] we didn’t expect it to grow so fast, we wanted to test it, start with a low profile. Precisely because we come from the fashion industry, we know how saturated the sector can be. So we can’t make a prediction. Of course, there is a reason why we chose to work on digital fashion. We will continue to develop technology and we hope to be able, together with users, to influence the way people consider and consume fashion, finally making it zero-impact.

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