Different styles of doors for your home

A door is not just a simple door. It is a security mechanism, a front door and a style statement for your home. There are many types of doors available and which one you choose will depend on the design of your home as well as the functionality you require. Here are the different styles available for your home.

Swing doors. This type of door is wider than the standard version. You need to have a wide entry path for it to fit. It pivots on a hinge that holds it at the top and bottom of the door, instead of being hinged to the side. This is ideal for the main entrances to the house. It makes a bold statement and is available in different design styles, and can be customized to suit your home.

Different styles of doors for your home
Different styles of doors for your home 1

Double doors. This type of door also requires a large entrance. You have two doors that open in the center. There are many design options with this one which includes glass panels in the wood.

Solid doors. These types of doors are solid wood. Your desired type of wood will depend on your design requirements. These are suitable for main entrances as well as inside the house.

Illuminated side doors. This door has an additional panel on the side which is mostly made of glass. It adds a window element to the design and therefore more light in your home. It is a nice option for the main entrance.

Internal glass doors. It is a modern version of the passage doors. It has a wooden frame with a large transparent or opaque glass panel. Depending on the design you like and your requirements, you can opt for opaque glass to let light through or clear glass which allows you to see through.

Internal veneer doors. This elegant door has an elegant veneer finish and is generally suitable for bedroom entryways.

Folding and sliding doors. These open or fold to one side. They close quite easily and come in modern designs that are ideal for patios.

There are also a variety of garage doors available, but these are the different types of doors available for your home. Whether you need them for the main entrance, hallway or for bedrooms, there are many modern designs available for you.

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