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Different Light Bulb Types – Common Light Bulb Types, Explained

Different Light Bulb Types – Common Light Bulb Types, Explained

Lighting can change the atmosphere in a room and even affect your mood. It is also the key to the diverse activities that take place in your home every day. Every day, you can rely on the right lighting to increase your productivity or, on the other hand, create the perfect ambiance to relax. Whether you’re looking for the best light bulb to work in your home office, cook in your kitchen, highlight art in your living room, or complete your bathroom decor, we’ve got it all for you. Here is an overview of the common types of light bulbs you need to know, including what the Good Housekeeping Institute has learned.

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Light bulbs

These traditional light bulbs are known as energy drainers and have a short lifespan. However, their pros include that they are inexpensive (you can find them for only $ 2 each), provide warm light, and turn on instantly.

Compact fluorescent lamps

This light bulb, which contains a small amount of mercury, is popular for its energy efficiency – it uses 75% less than incandescent lamps. This is best suited for rooms in which lighting has to be used for a long time. So you may have spotted them at airports or hospitals. Keep in mind that turning it on and off frequently can affect its lifespan. Compact fluorescent lamps can also be recycled. Visit earth911.com for details of your local waste collection office.

LED light bulbs

If you are looking for a long-lasting light bulb that doesn’t need to be changed often (it lasts up to a decade) and is dimmable, an LED or light-emitting diode is the best choice. It is ideal for hard-to-reach areas and is available in different colors, from cold to warm white. The main selling point, however, is that LED lamps help lower your energy costs. You just need to know that you have to pay in advance as each light bulb costs around $ 8.

Halogen lamps

Think of halogen lamps as improved light bulbs. Not only do they resemble natural daylight, but they also use about 25% less energy than incandescent lamps and are well suited for rooms such as bathrooms and corridors in which the light is constantly switched on and off. According to the Good Housekeeping Institute, these lamps typically last up to three years (three times longer than a standard 60-watt lamp).

The Different Types of Light Bulbs

When you are in the market for a new light bulb, you should keep in mind that there are several different types of bulbs on the market. These different types will depend on the amount of light that you need and the need for longer life from the bulb.

However, one type of light bulb that is not likely to go out much is fluorescent. Fluorescent lights are designed for use in the home and have very good quality bulbs that last for a long time.

One of the different light bulb types that many people like is LED or light-emitting diode bulbs. They are a bit more expensive than fluorescent and come with longer bulbs but they also cost less in energy consumption and they are a bit brighter.

You can also find light bulbs that are both heat and cool lamps. These are some of the best light bulbs available because they are efficient in all respects.

As for one more type of light bulb that is popular among many homeowners is halogen. Halogen bulbs produce about as much light as fluorescent but they are not as efficient as fluorescent lights.

They are also more expensive than any other type of bulb on the market. However, these bulbs do save money on energy costs in comparison to fluorescent lights.

Depending on your needs and budget, there are several different light bulb types that you can choose from. Some of the bulb types on the market are rated in watts but these ratings are not really useful for choosing a bulb because there are several different wattage ratings for bulbs.

The wattage rating for each bulb is usually divided into two categories: low wattage and high wattage. By looking at the numbers, you can tell which category a bulb falls under.

The low wattage bulbs come in the two categories of tungsten or fluorescent and LED. Tungsten bulbs are the cheapest on the market, while the highest wattage bulbs are typically found in large commercial buildings.

You should consider the efficiency and the wattage when you are deciding which light bulb to purchase. The LED lighting has a higher wattage rating because they are more efficient in every respect.

If you are considering a high wattage light bulb for your home, consider the costs of heating the electricity for that light bulb. That can be quite a bit more expensive than any other type of light bulb on the market.

When it comes to choosing a light bulb for your home, you should consider what is best for you. Whether you need a low wattage bulb or a high wattage bulb, you can determine the right one for your home by considering the light bulb types available.

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