Difference between Traditional Archery Vs Modern Archery

Difference between Traditional Archery Vs Modern Archery
Traditional Archery Vs Modern Archery

Traditional Archery Vs Modern ArcheryArchery has been originated from ancient times when humans began to live on the earth. The ancient drawings of a caveman with bow or arch in hands and arrows at their back are strong evidence that speaks of the history of archery. Now, with the passage of time, as everything has changed, archery has also been transmuted into a modernized version.

All credit goes to the new technology that man is creating each and every day. This change of time and technology resulted in bestowing the world with two different types of archery – Traditional Archery and Modern Archery. As the names define, Traditional Archery is the ancient form of archery, and Modern Archery is the modernized form of it. Mainly, there are two aspects that make them peculiarly different from each other. Let’s know more about them.

Traditional Archery Vs Modern Archery
Traditional Archery Vs Modern Archery


There are two major differences between traditional & modern archery that make them stand apart from each other. The first thing that creates a divergence among two archeries is their purpose i.e. the reason behind their use. The traditional archery also is known as ancient archery was very much in effect in earlier days. It was primarily used for self-protection, hunting & hounding and for war. On the other hand, modern archery has become an artistic fun sport for the professional players, experts and elite group of people.


Another point that creates a difference between traditional archery & modern archery is its instrument. Both are deviated in terms of invention, designing and substance that the instrument is made up of. The traditional bow is readied through animal ligaments. It imbibes a two-piece instrument in which one piece is of bentwood with a flexed formation and second is string.

On the contrary, the bow of the modern archery is a mechanized form of an instrument accessorized with several constituents. Its primary elements are wood/metal alloy or carbon that constructs its complex multi-layer limbs. Moreover, the string is formed up of synthetic materials. You can it as an advanced form of equipment.

Types of Bows/Arch

Archery involves two types of bows:

1) Longbow

2) Recurve Bow

Longbow – Longbow is also known as a D-shape bow or a Traditional Recurve Bow. It has been used since ages by early men for self-protection and hunting of animals for food and safety. Traditional Recurve Bow/Longbow is the category of the arch that characterizes the upper limbs towards the archer. Due to this feature, it never allows the below limbs to liaison with the string. Moreover, not only its structural construction but also its usage is simple and easy thereby making it convenient for everyone. 

Modern Recurve Bow

The ancient bow engulfs a good long chronicle of lot many years and its intellectual espousal to diverse regions and cultures. Modern Recurve bow can be differentiated on the basis of its shape from the longbow. It features two curved limbs connected to a similar riser and going apart from the archers. Hence, the twisted part at the end of each limb is sure to strike with the string of a recurve bow.

To acknowledge you, it is the modern recurve bow that has acquired the entire development and technological edification with the passage of time. This further makes clear, that this-worldliness has initiated the division of archery into – Traditional Archery & Modern Archery. Thus, it can be said that modern archery is the reflection of an improved version of Recurve bow in terms of advancement and sophistication both.

To conclude:

The accuracy and consistency of an archer is bound to increase with the bows of the advanced version that defines modern archery. Though the modern arch has transformed the world of archery into a more convenient state with its strong power, easiness in usage, and accuracy but to become a pro the journey is still a lot of miles away.

Merits & Demerits

If we talk about merits, the modern archery will make headway over the traditional archery in all the three aspects: power, precision, and portability. Furthermore, the wooden tradition arch suffers moistness due to the risk of water and climate.

Secondly, modern bows are majorly the choice of elite people because this form of archery is too expensive to enjoy just as sports for lot many other people. Whereas traditional archery is still not a challenge as one can easily make an ancient bow by oneself if you know it’s making well.  Also, the materials to make a traditional bow are easily available.


Hence, knowing about the differences between both the archeries, the conclusion says – If modern archery is all about fun and sports, the traditional one was an insistent necessity. Both require dedication and devotion to acquire the skills of an archer. The modern archery has been transformed in an easier version but it still demands intense hard work like that of traditional archery.

So, are you ready? Rigour up and devote sincere time and efforts to acquire the real craft that modern archery beholds within. It is all about skills and experience. The more you practice, the more you learn. The more you learn, the nearer is your goal to be a perfect archer.

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