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What Is Dieter Bohlen’s Net Worth?

Dieter Bohlen (born in Germany) is a German artist, songwriter as well as a producer, musician, and TV host who has an estimated total net worth of around $70 million. Dieter Bohlen is most well-known for his part in the duo Modern Talking, which released 12 studio albums including”The 1st Album” (1985), Platinum (in Germany) albums “The 1st Album” (1985), “Let’s Talk About Love” (1985), “Ready for Romance” (1986), “Alone” (1999) and “Year of the Dragon” (2000).

Modern Talking has been referred as the most successful German pop duo. They are known for hits singles like “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul,” “You Can Win If You Want,” “Cheri, Cheri Lady,” and “Brother Louie.” Bohlen has also scored #1 singles in Germany together with Chris Norman, DSDS Allstars, Alexander Klaws, Daniel Kublbock, Yvonne Cattereld, Mark Medlock, Daniel Schuhmacher, Mehrzad Marashi, Pietro Lombardi as well as Luca Hanni, and his solo album for 2019, “Das Mega Album!,” hit #1 in the International iTunes Chart. Dieter was also a judge for his own German editions of “Pop Idol” and the “Got Talent” series, co-founded the Needs Clothing fashion label, launched a scent dubbed Provocation in 2002, as well as the novels “Nichts als die Wahrheit” (2002), “Hinter den Kulissen” (2003), “Meine Hammer-Spruche” (2006), “Nur die Harten kommen in the Garten! Der Weg zum Superstar” (2008), and “Der Bohlenweg – Planieren statt Sanieren” (2008).

Early Life

Dieter Bohlen was born Dieter Gunter Bohlen on February 7, 1954, in Berne, West Germany. The Bohlen family includes Hans Bohlen (a building contractor) and Edith Bohlen, and he has a younger brother named Uwe. Dieter lived within East Frisia, and his family moved to Eversten. Bohlen was a member of his fellow members of the Socialist German Workers Youth and the German Communist Party, and was a student at his school, the Wirtschaftsgymnasium der Berufsbildenden Schulen located in the Oldenburg-Haarentor area. After earning his Abitur, Dieter moved to Gottingen, where he studied business administration at the Georg-August-Universitat at his parents’ behest. He completed his studies in the year 1978. Bohlen started to write music during his time at school. Later, worked as an songwriter at the label Intersong at the end of the 70s. At the same time Bohlen formed the duo musical Monza together with Holger Garbode. Monza came out with two singles “Hallo Taxi Nummer 10” as well as “Heisse Nacht in der City,” but neither of them were success. In the year 1980, Dieter started working for the label Hansa which was the label he signed with, and released the single by himself “Don’t Throw My Love Away” under the name of Steve Benson. “Steve Benson” later released the singles “(You’re A Devil With) Angel Blue Eyes” as well as “Love Takes Time,” however, they weren’t the success he had hoped they’d be. Bohlen was then a part of a band named Sunday in 1982, and their song “Hale, hey Louise” was included on the “ZDF-Hitparade.” The next season, Dieter created the hit song “Mit 17” for award-winning artist Bernd Cluver. The song was a third-place finish at the Eurovision Song Contest’s German preliminary selection.


From 1982 to 1984 Bohlen made the release of six German singles featuring Thomas Anders, and he was a co-founder of the group Modern Talking with Anders in 1983. Modern Talking released “The 1st Album” in April of 1985 The album reached number one in Germany as well as Finland and was rated Platinum in Germany as well as Austria. Their subsequent two albums including 1985’s “Let’s Talk About Love” as well as the album from 1986 “Ready for Romance,” both went Platinum and Platinum in Germany. Between 1984 and 1986 they released three singles which were officially certified Gold and Silver in Germany and reached number one in three different regions: “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul,” “You Can Win If You Want,” as well as “Cheri, Cheri Lady.” The single from 1985 “Brother Louie” was certified Gold in Belgium as well as Silver in France as well as in the U.K., and it reached the top of the charts across six countries. Modern Talking’s fifth and fourth albums including the 1986’s “In the Middle of Nowhere” as well as the 1987 album “Romantic Warriors,” were recognized as Platinum and Platinum in Spain. Following the release of the album in 1987 “In the Garden of Venus,” Modern Talking disbanded in the year 2000, however Bohlen and Anders were reunited by the end of 90s and recorded the Albums “Back for Good” (1998), “Alone” (1999), “Year of the Dragon” (2000), “America” (2001), “Victory” (2002), as well as “Universe” (2003), each of which was accredited Gold or better in Germany. After the band’s split in 1987, Dieter launched the solo group Blue System, which lasted for more than a decade. In the ten years he was in Blue System, he released more than a dozen albums which included “Body Heat” (1988), “Seeds of Heaven” (1991) as well as “Backstreet Dreams” (1993). The producer also composed and recorded songs for musicians like Sheree, Touche, and C. C. Catch.

In 1989, the song of Dieter “Flieger” represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest, performed by Nino de Angelo. it placed 14th. A different Bohlen song, “Nur ein Lied,” was sung by the Austrian Thomas Forstner in the contest which placed fifth. In the same year, Dieter composed the score for the German TV series “Rivalen der Rennbahn,” which was later certified Platinum within Germany. The early 1990s saw him collaborate with Bonnie Tyler. Dieter collaborated alongside Bonnie Tyler on the albums “Bitterblue” (1991), “Angel Heart” (1992) along with “Silhouette in Red” (1993) that resulted in hit songs like “Against the Wind” and “Fools Lullaby.” The 1992 Eurovision Song Contest, Bohlen’s song “Zusammen geh’n” was performed by Austria’s Tony Wegas, and it placed tenth. in 2002, Bohlen was a part of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar,” the German version of “American Idol” and “Pop Idol,” as the judge for the show’s first season. At the time at this time the show’s 20th season, he’s been judge in every single one of the show’s twenty seasons. Dieter has written songs for many of the contestants. The year 2007 saw him was the judge of the”Das Supertalent,” a new reality series “Das Supertalent,” the German version of Simon’s “Got Talent” franchise. Bohlen continued to be a judge present throughout season 14. In the year 2010, Dieter started working with the singer Andrea Berg, and the albums he recorded for her top chart positions in Germany as well as Austria. Bohlen dropped the album “Dreamcatcher” (featuring Mark Medlock) in 2007; it made the top 2 in Germany and the #6 spot in Austria. Bohlen’s solo album for 2019, “Das Mega Album!,” reached #4 in Germany as well as 7th in Austria as well as 9 in Switzerland as well as topping in the International iTunes Chart.

Personal Life

Dieter got married to Erika Sauerland on 11 November in 1983. They had three kids, Marielin, Marvin, and Marc after which they divorced in the month of October. From 1989 until 1997, Bohlen had a relationship with telecast personality and singer Nadja Abd el Farrag. and then got married to the model Verona Feldbusch on May 13 in 1996. Dieter and Verona separated a month later, and the divorce was filed in the month of May. At the end of 1997, Bohlen came to terms with Abd el Farrag and continued to be together until the year 2001. Bohlen was involved in a relationship with model/dancer Estefania Kuster, from 2001 until 2006. They had one son, Maurice (born July 5, 2005). Dieter was in a relationship with Fatma Carina Walz in the year 2006 They have two daughters who are daughters Amelie (born in 2011) as well as son Maximilian (born September 13, 2013).

Awards and Nominations

The year 1985 was the one in which Bohlen was awarded a Goldene Stimmgabel in 1985, an award from the German award given to those who contributed to the most successful commercial albums. The singer was honored with an award called the VIVA Comet Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998. His album “Modern Talking” earned Germany’s Golden Camera for Best Music National in 1999. The year 2001 was the time Dieter was awarded an award called the Top of the Pops Award in the category of the best artist of Germany as well as in 2003, he was awarded an award called the Bambi Award for Pop – National for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar,” the German Book Prize, a Goldene Feder, and a Media Control Award. In 2003, he also was awarded “GQ” Man of the Year ” and ranked as number 30 in “Unsere Besten’s” list of the top Germans. In 2004 Bohlen was awarded the Echo Music Prize for Best Single of the Year in the category of “We Have a Dream” and for Best National Producer. Bohlen was awarded a Bravo Otto Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008, and in the year 2011, Bohlen was awarded the Bravo Otto award for the Best Male Television Star.

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