Diddy Sues Sean John For $25 Million Over Allegedly Using His Likeness Without Permission

Diddy Sues Sean John For $25 Million: Sean “Diddy” Coombs is suing the fashion brand he started decades ago to use his likeness without his permission. If this sounds unusual, keep in mind that Coombs sold the Sean John brand back in 2016 and there are many public controversies with it. Now, as originally reported by AllHipHop, Coombs is suing the brand, which is still bearing her name for $ 25 million, which she says is her new scene John X Missguided Women Her quote was misused to promote K’s apparel line.

In the lawsuit, Kambus’ attorneys make it clear that the current owner of the Global Brands Group, Sean John, has the right to use its own trademark-

With some recent publicity efforts not included in that agreement:

“Mr. Kambas does not challenge [Sean John/GBG’s] The right to use the Sean John trademark, rather [Sean John/GBG’s] The decision to take advantage of a fabricated quote he made and then falsely attributed to Mr Coombs, and to use Mr Coombs’ name and other monikers, created the false and misleading notion that Mr Coombs designed and The decision makers behind the creation are GBG Collection. “

Diddy Sues Sean John For $25 Million
Diddy Sues Sean John For $25 Million

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The lawsuit goes on to allege that the fake quote is not the only example of Sean John Brand’s efforts that baffles the public into thinking it is still directly affiliated with Coombs.

The rapper is also taking a legal issue with a short promotional video released by Sean John and featuring his image without his permission:

“[Sean John, GBG and Missguided] Unpiroids are using materials, including inaccurate or misleading representations to promote and sell items in the GBG Collection, as they understand that associating it with Mr. Combs will significantly increase sales and profits. “

The lawsuit is actually the second one filed by Coombs against Sean John, who previously sued over the use of his “Vote or Die” slogan, trademarks of his ownership, use and phrase for use in business capitalization in the last election election Disputing the

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