Dick Wolf’s Net Worth (Updated 2021)

What is Dick Wolf’s net worth?

Total Price: $ 550 million
Ages: 74
Arising: 20 December 1946
country of origin: USA
Sources of funds: Professional tv producer
Last Updated: 2021


Dick Wolf is an American television producer, best known as the producer and executive producer of the ‘Law and Order’ franchise.

Wolf is also the producer and executive producer of the ‘Chicago franchise’, which since 2012 has included four Chicago-based police, courtroom, fire and medical dramas.

By 2021, Dick Wolf’s total assets are estimated to be $ 550 million.

early life

Richard Anthony Wolf was born on 20 December 1946 in New York City. Wolf, Mary G., is the son of a housewife and George Wolf, an advertising executive. His father was Jewish and his mother was Roman Catholic of Irish descent.

He was an altar boy and attended St. David’s School, The Gunnery, and the University of Pennsylvania (Class of 1969).

The business

dick wolf career

Wolf worked as an advertising copywriter at Benton & Bowles, advertising Crest Toothpaste, with the slogan, “You can’t beat Crest to fight factions.” He is also credited for the campaign “I am Cheryl, Fly Me” by National Airlines.

He moved to Los Angeles after a few years and produced three screenplays; One of these films, Muskerade (1988) starred Rob Lowe and Meg Tilly, which was well received.

He began his television career as a staff writer on the Hill Street Blues and “Are Friends for?” Nominated for her first Emmy for the eponymous episode.

Wolf Law & Order, which ran from 1990 to 2010, tied GunSmoke for the longest running theatrical show in television history, making it one of television’s most successful franchises.

In 2018, Wolf Law & Order alumni became executive producers of the CBS drama ‘FBI’ starring Jeremy Sisto and Sela Ward, appearing in the non-Wolf CBS series ‘CSI: NY’.

As of 2019, Dick Wolf has total assets of $ 550 million.


Here are some of the best glimpses of Dick Wolf’s career:

  • Law and Order (TV-show, 1990-2010)
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame (2007)

Favorite Quote from Dick Wolf

“TV is not about ideas. It is about execution. And writing and casting. This is why the biggest stars of TV drama have not been romantic leads, but character actors. Peter Falk. Oil Savalas. Angela Lansbury. They can play the role for years and that is the TV challenge. I want to say that a successful film lasts for 110 minutes. A successful TV series runs for 110 hours. ” – Dick Wolf

“Advertising is an art of smallness. You have to tell an entire story and give a complete message in very brief form. It disciplines you to cut out external information. ” Dick wolf

“Drama or comedy programming is still the safest way for advertisers to reach mass audiences. Once he changes, all bets are off. ” – Dick Wolf

“Everyone knows that things are not the same. Those running the TV end of a major integrated company know how much money a successful show can make. ” – Dick Wolf

“I don’t think you can actually make television based on the audience’s desire. You can only make stories that you like because you have to watch it multiple times.” Dick wolf

3 strong lessons from dick wolf

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1. Get something in life that pushes you

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2. Solve problems

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3. Go for a walk

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Dick Wolf is perhaps best known for creating the “Law and Order” television franchise. He also held a position as a staff writer on the television series ‘Hill Street Blues’, where he received his first Emmy nomination.

As of 2021, Dick Wolf has total assets of approximately $ 550 million.

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