Devolver Digital Has Published Some Ridiculous Great Games

Publisher Devolver Digital has grown significantly in its decade-plus life, but its amazing game output hints the fun is just getting started.

Founded in 2009 to publish HD rereleases of Serious Sam, offbeat game publisher Devolver Digital has become the go-to name when it comes to indie darlings and mainstream hits that seemingly come from nowhere. From Hotline Miami all the way to Loop Hero, Devolver Digital has established one of the top catalogs in the indie publishing landscape, and there are no signs it’s slowing down.

Devolver Digital became a household name amidst a trend of new indie publishing labels that emerged as Steam expanded its release schedule. Several of these publishers even lasted long enough to make an impact; Adult Swim Games had a Devolver Digital-sized output for a few years, including notable releases like Battle Chef Brigade and the always enjoyable Duck Game. Other companies like tinyBuild, Curve Digital, and Versus Evil promoted what they saw as quality indie titles, but none of these has matched the consistency or quality of Devolver’s output in its decade of operation.

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While the first few years of the company’s history were slow going, Devolver Digital has put out consistent grade-A hits since 2013, and the number of great games it publishes each year keeps growing. In 2014 alone, it published LUFTRAUSERS, OlliOlliHatoful Boyfriend, and The Talos Principle. It’s brought the Serious Sam series to VR, dazzled with the beautiful GRIS, and even simulated the E3 experience with the innovative Devolverland Expo. It’s a wide variety of gaming genres to find success in, and Devolver Digital’s lineup has only gotten better as time goes on.

Shadow Warrior 3 Crazy Stuff

Nowadays, it seems content creators and gamers alike can trust most of whatever Devolver Digital puts out. While not every game hits the critical mass of Fall Guys and Loop Hero, those releases help fund niche games that are out of the ordinary and unlikely to draw in such a big crowd. For every Shadow Warrior and The Messenger, there’s an Observation and a Sludge Life. Releases like Disc RoomApe Out, and High Hell are artistically minded games that don’t appeal to general audiences, but that doesn’t make them any less fun to play.

Time has shown that Devolver Digital doesn’t rest on its laurels, either. While sequels still come out when they make sense, the company’s future release lineup includes more unique offerings like Weird WestBoomerang X, and Death’s Door (recently featured in an ID@Xbox indie showcase), each of which has the potential to be another breakout hit. Few publishers in the indie or AAA scenes have developed a name that means quality like Devolver Digital, and the industry is better because of its standout contributions.

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