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Destination Travel: San Francisco To Yosemite

San Francisco To Yosemite: If you love beautiful parks, then one of the great things about staying in San Francisco is that it’s great for exploring both the Marin Headlands and the city. One thing to be aware of when staying in San Francisco is that it’s quite often common to see animals in the city streets and not in your park. That’s part of what makes San Francisco the perfect destination to explore both Marin Headlands and Yosemite National Park.

The Marin Headlands is a series of small islands located along the coast of San Francisco. If you take a hike from your hotel in San Francisco to Yosemite Park you can often see seals in the area as well as other marine mammals such as whales and dolphins.

San Francisco To Yosemite

Destination Travel: San Francisco To Yosemite

Both Yosemite and the Marin Headlands are able to make that great view possible because of San Francisco’s natural terrain. Because it is a peninsula surrounded by water, you will find that there are a number of interesting things to do on these beaches. It is a great place to stay because it has some of the best ocean views available anywhere in the country.

The view of the whole San Francisco Bay is also beautiful, including the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay. If you choose to stay in San Francisco you can also find great scenery in the neighboring cities.

Marin Headlands

San Francisco has some beautiful waterfront properties and areas to explore on the Marin Headlands. There are a number of places that you can get great views of the bay and also some great hiking and biking trail around these locations. When you decide to stay in San Francisco to visit Yosemite or the Marin Headlands, you should plan out your visit by planning your activities, not only for the day but also for the weekend.

This will help you get plenty of time to see the best that San Francisco has to offer. If you want to get the most out of your trip to Yosemite or the Marin Headlands, you might want to consider either a weekend or a longer vacation so that you can spend as much time as possible in these great destinations.

Bed and breakfast

The popular thing to do in San Francisco is to spend the night in a bed and breakfast. This is a great place to visit for breakfast and then on your way out for lunch you will have the chance to see San Francisco up close and personal.

The popular thing to do in Yosemite is to go to the Yosemite national park and view the wildlife that is found in this beautiful park. Although Yosemite has a limited number of rooms, you can still find some really nice accommodations at some of the top star-rated hotels. A number of these hotels offer evening classes that will help you learn the ropes of being a successful tour guide at the park.

Fisherman’s Wharf

If you also choose to stay in San Francisco to visit the Marin Headlands, then you will likely want to visit a number of places that are popular with tourists. Take a trip to Fisherman’s Wharf where you can enjoy delicious seafood and enjoy some amazing views of the bay from the cafes on the water.

You might want to stay at one of the top-rated hotels that are found on the Marina, especially the three-star Darlene Ristorante or the top-rated Merit Inn. Whatever you choose to stay at you will find plenty of things to do and places to visit while you are in this gorgeous city.


Many people like to stay in San Francisco and then drive to Yosemite to explore it. While this is often a popular idea, staying in San Francisco and driving to Yosemite can be very expensive.

You can avoid the high costs by renting a car and going to Yosemite instead of going to San Francisco and renting a car. You will find that the scenic drive will be worth it because you will have a great time in the park and this will be a great way to enjoy a day hike or some mountain biking.

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