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Designing My Home Garden

When we built our new house, we had to design a front garden and a garden for the side of the house that didn’t get much light.

My front garden area was quite large and the climate in which I live is quite coastal, so I really needed to do a lot of research on what types of plants actually grew in my area. Not only that, but the soil that was on my property was not very good, and I had to buy a lot of organic soil to replace the sandy type of soil that was there.

When I was able to find the plants I wanted, and started planting them, I found that having a small seat was useful, as my back really hurt from bending over and bending over a lot. Not everyone would benefit from a bulky object while gardening, but with the big wheels on some gardening seats that I found they would take me all over the garden without getting stuck.

My garden hose nozzle was one that I could easily adjust and it was similar to this product on the page, watering the garden with this was much simpler, rather than using an old-fashioned nozzle or a jet-type device.

I asked my husband to go to the local hardware and get me a gardening kit with a small shovel and the like, but they came off so quickly, so I decided never to do it again. Instead I searched Amazon on the Internet and managed to find my favorite set of gardening tools which I also included on this page.

I found that gardening was great not only for a way to disconnect my busy brain from the daily routine, but it was a way in which I could encourage our children to go out in the sun and assist with the tasks sometimes all gardeners they need to help with. My son in particular loved to go around the garden with a small trolley device when he was younger, carrying all the small plants in the grass that we were planting and the tools that I didn’t want to carry around the hips. It was really nice to see him really enter into the prospect of planting a tree and seeing it grow. The small shooting carts were wonderful for him as he carried our gardening tools, and made him feel special by helping us.

Gardening with lots of color also has a way of brightening our day. I love gerberas and pansies and I have them all on my garden beds. However, they don’t bloom all year round, so I had to find other solutions for winter flowering plants like the snowflake tree. This ensures that at least one of my garden is nice all year round.

by Ammie Harm

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