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Designing a New Home – Spending the Time to Get It Right

Since you won’t be building a new house too often; the decision to build is not to be taken lightly. Therefore, it is really important that you take the time to enjoy the process. Savor every moment as you put your home design and project ideas together, then be delighted with the result.

The first step is to take your time during the early stages of building a house. If you rush the process, the result may be less than satisfactory. Some people like to invest in an album. Divide the album into living spaces, sleeping spaces, kitchen, bathroom and outdoor living room. Then you can add newspaper and magazine clippings on ideas that appeal to you. You can also search architectural websites for the structural features that interest you, and check out interior design websites for inspiration – be sure to note the links to those sites in your scrapbook. A scrapbook will help you stay focused on the theme or outcome you want to achieve.

Then spend some time with your architect and interior designer. Give them your ideas and check out the range of design options available for your budget. Also spend time on your job site at different times of the day. By having an idea of ​​the terrain, light, drainage and how it relates to other properties, etc., you will be able to take into account how you want to position rooms and outdoor living spaces. For example, on a sloping site, consider a house on two levels, with the living areas at the highest level to get the best views and the best sun.

Then consider the layout and structure. High ceilings and raised windows will add a feeling of space and add light to a room. Open concept living allows circulation in a house and also makes it more spacious. Think of a playroom or extra living space for youth, children and teens. Keep sleeping areas out of the way for peace and quiet. And consider a beautiful walk-in closet and an adjoining bathroom to add a touch of luxury. Don’t forget the exterior of your home, consider adding covered outdoor spaces to entertain you throughout the year. An additional garage is also a great idea for family cars or the boat.

When considering interior design, look at the latest technology in fixtures and lighting. You will be amazed at how much technology can evolve over a period of a few years. For example, green products are more affordable and more efficient than they used to be. Also look at the latest wallpaper designs and paint colors on the market. There are incredible advancements in paint and wallpaper, and the design and colors available are truly stunning. This also applies to lighting. Don’t limit yourself when choosing lights for your home; visit a lighting store to get inspiration from the range of lights available.

If you need more inspiration, visit an exhibition house. Here you will be able to visualize what your dream home could look like, giving you a better understanding of layout, space, light and colors. Keep in mind; you will spend a long time living in your home, so you might as well spend time doing it right.

In addition to your scrapbook and your architect’s design expertise, your new home should make your dreams and ideas come true with a blend of functionality and innovation. Whatever the design, remember that you are building more than a house – it will be a house.

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