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Design your beach house design around a floor plan that provides the uses you need

With each individual style of beach house there is a different use, and exploring the layout options is absolutely crucial before designing your next adventure. All beach house plans are generally vacation home plans designed to be built on a beach, lakefront, or some other type of water view, and therefore beach house designs are often with large windows facing the water with many attachments to this area. . However, the design of your beach house can be whatever you dream of, right on the water or not. Explore these floor plans to help you determine which style matches your dreams.

A-Frame Beach Houses

These houses are easily recognizable by their sloping roof which forms the appearance of an “A” – hence the name. This house plan was originally designed to allow snow to fall to the ground instead of resting on the frame of the house during the colder months. However, it is definitely a beach house that can accommodate tropical houses as well. A-Frame beach houses are typically designed to have high ceilings and large windows, and typically incorporate a smaller upper living space such as a loft. This floor plan is very open yet comfortable.

Coastal beach houses

Due to the proximity to the shore, coastal houses are designed to allow water to flow freely below without causing damage, which is why the first floor is usually raised on jetty foundations to accommodate at any increase in tides. With the first level being high, you can always opt for a second story that will meet your desired space and needs. Typically, coastal beach houses are built with large windows to allow panoramic views to be enjoyed.

Cabin and Cottage Beach Homes

If you want a less formal design with a more relaxed, tighter tie for your beach house, a Cabin or Cottage design may be ideal for you as they are typically built smaller and closer in nature. Now you can still spend long periods of time in your cabin or cabin, but the compactness of this beach house design is typically used for weekend getaways, fishing trips, and weekly family vacations. The chalets and chalets can be set up in any natural environment and can also be designed to accommodate many people with many rooms, despite its smaller structure.

These are the most popular style layouts for beach houses, but all of your desires can be met in your specific floor plan. However, consider the location and use of your beach design that has been mentioned in this article to make sure your design matches your plans.

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