Design ideas for kitchen islands

Most wood-frame homes are custom built based on the owner’s preferences for the number of bedrooms they need, kitchen design, etc. If you are in the planning stage of building your own timber frame home, here are some kitchen island designs to help you plan your perfect kitchen. Kitchen islands can expand your workspace, give your kitchen its own personality, and come in a variety of design options.

Design ideas for kitchen islands

Big island

Today more and more people are entertaining and eating at home, so having a large kitchen island would be very helpful. It can be built to be a workspace and a place for children to do homework and have breakfast. Some can even be built long and thin, so there can be up to eight or more seats and more space around the perimeter. How long would depend on the space available?

Peaks and valleys

Today, many people have multi-level kitchen islands. This design is great for hiding the mess of meal prep. The art of disguise is not the only reason to choose this design for your timber frame houses. You can also incorporate a variety of surface materials like a butcher’s area for chopping vegetables, a granite top for putting on hot pans, or marble which is good for spreading the pie crust. The different surfaces and heights add dimension and function to the design of your kitchen,

island hopping

If you are a homeowner who finds that one kitchen island is not enough, you can always have two islands built if you have room to do so. With island hopping, or double islands, can have specialized storage areas and designated work areas.

Away from it all

This is another increasingly popular style of kitchen island for your new wood-frame home. Designers call it “the improper look”. Basically it looks like a piece of furniture, not a component that belongs to the kitchen. You can give this kitchen cabinet component a different counter surface, turned foot, and other details for the furniture style components. It is often accented by placing it on a colorful rug.

Jagged coastline

This kitchen countertop design gives you a variety of designs such as nondescript, crescent-shaped, or wavy. If it suits your kitchen, budget and tastes, build the kitchen counter that’s right for you. With a unique design, it will be Internet toast.

Above and beyond

In a timber frame house, you don’t have to stop the height from your creative level to your height. With the right home design and planning, you can even build a set of cabinets on top with glass doors so everyone can see your varying collections.

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