Dermal Piercing Model with Chest, Face, Neck and Body Dermals (2020)

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Collar Bones Back Dimples

Collar Bone Dermal Piercings

Where Did You Get Your Collar Bones Dermal Piercing Done and How Much Did it Cost?

These $40 dermals were done at my go-to parlor. The staff is always welcoming and ready to answer any questions that I have. I love that they are so knowledgable and they don’t try to make you feel stupid for having simple questions. The price is fair and I always enjoy spending time at their shop.

Was it Painful?

These were my most painful dermals by far, I think it was because its a really fleshy and muscly area and because there is two the second one hurts so much more. However, my piercer did everything she could to minimize the pain for me. Overall, looking back on it now, the pain wasn’t too bad.

How Did Your Collar Bone Dermal Heal?

Aftercare for these was the same as every other dermal. As long as you make sure you are keeping the area clean and moisturized, you will have a good experience. In the past, I have sometimes neglected my piercings. I have found that makes the healing process longer and more painful.

How Did You Experience Getting Collar Bone Dermal Piercings?

These ones were painful to get, they were annoying while healing because they were still raw and my clothing would rub on them. This was especially true when I slept. Also, they would hurt every time I moved my collar bone. This is because they are done under my collar bones, but when I move they go on top of my collar bones. Now, they are healed pretty well and I just have to be careful with them.

Overall, I absolutely love all of my dermals. A surprising thing is I have really sensitive skin and my body tends to reject almost all of the regular piercings I get. However, my body doesn’t have a problem with my dermals.

What Tips Do You Have for Others Considering Getting Collar Bone Dermal Piercings?

I would encourage anyone that likes these piercings to get them. The piercing and healing processes were easy for me. I know my experience doesn’t always mean everyone will have the same one, but I have pretty sensitive skin, so I think many can relate to my experience.

Hand Dermal Piercings

Hand Micro Dermal Piercing Surface

Where did you get your Hand Dermal Piercing done and how much did it cost?

I got my hand web done at Essential Beauty here in Australia, it cost $50 I got it done by the female piercer there her name is Ray and I get all my dermals done by her, she is great, she always does it as quickly as possible and does a brilliant job.

Was it Painful?

I didn’t think this would be very painful because it’s only a small bit of skin to go through. However, this was extremely painful. I asked my piercer why this was, and she told me the area has many nerves in it. That usually contributes to how painful it is.

How did your Hand Dermal Heal?

I cleaned it twice a day and tried to care for it as best as I could. Just follow the rules of keeping it clean and hydrated made a big difference. The area is pretty high-traffic, so you have to pay close attention to it. Otherwise, you risk getting an infection or a really atrocious healing process overall.

How was your experience getting a Hand Dermal Piercing?

This was very painful and I regretted getting it done because it never healed and was very hard to live with. Eventually, it’ll grow out. Until then, even though it is a pin, I still like the piercing overall.

What tips do you have for others considering getting Hand Dermal Piercings?

I would say don’t let my bad experience dictate what you do. The things that I go through won’t automatically mean the same for you. The only way you can know how you will react is by going for it. You can do all the research in the world, but first and foremost, personal experience is key.

Kristen: Dermal Piercing Connoisseur

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