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Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business American Express Card Review

The Delta SkyMiles Gold Business card is not one of the best credit cards from our airlines. You can consult our list of best airline credit cards for what we think are better options.

Full Review of the Delta SkyMiles Gold Business American Express Card

  • Annual statement credit that justifies the annual card fee after the first year

  • Unique easy-to-win offer

The benefits explained

  • Annual statement credit for the annual card fee after the first year: If you spend at least $10,000 on the card, Delta SkyMiles Gold Business from American Express gives you $100 Delta eCredit each year, in addition to the points you earn on those purchases, for a purpose that the most companies should be able to achieve this fairly easily, since it only averages out to around $834 per month.
  • Easy to win bonus offer: Earn 50,000 bonus miles after spending $2,000 on purchases with your new card within your first 3 months of card membership. Offers with competing cards often require spending over $3,000.

Disadvantages Explained

  • Lack of luxury perks: Like most of its airline card competitors, the Delta SkyMiles Gold Business American Express card provides flight extras such as priority boarding and one free checked bag. Yet it lacks the luxury perks found on other, albeit more expensive, Delta SkyMiles cards. These benefits include an annual companion certificate and access to Amex and Delta airport lounges. If these items are a priority for you, you might want to consider paying extra for Platinum or Delta Reserve cards.

The Delta SkyMiles Gold Business American Express is best suited for small businesses and their employees who travel with Delta and its partners, but not often enough for a more expensive Delta card to make financial sense. This works best if your business regularly spends a lot on catering or domestic shipping and advertising, as these purchases also earn the same 2 miles per dollar as Delta transactions.

You don’t need to spend a lot in these 2 miles per dollar reward categories to recoup the $99 annual fee for this card. Charging just over $3,200 a year on a combination of Delta flights, shipping, and advertising would do the trick, based on estimates from The Balance credit card points assessment data Delta SkyMiles are worth 1.44 cents each.

This card could also be a nice acquisition for occasional Delta travelers who check a bag every time they fly domestically. With their first checked bag free on these flights, cardholders would save $60 on a roundtrip flight, and up to eight companions on their booking would also be eligible for the benefit.

Delta SkyMiles Gold Business American Express Card Bonus Offer

Earn 50,000 bonus miles after spending $2,000 on purchases with your new card within your first 3 months of card membership. We calculate the offer value at $1,080 when used to purchase flights through Delta. Bonus miles appear in your account as a statement credit between 8 and 12 weeks after you reach the minimum spend threshold.

You also earn a $100 Delta Flight Credit if you spend $10,000 on the card within the first calendar year of ownership.

Reward Earnings Details

Cardholders earn 2 miles per dollar spent on Delta purchases, including Delta flights, Sky Club membership or passes, inflight purchases, seat upgrades and Delta Vacation packages. The card also earns 2 miles per dollar on shipping, advertising, and restaurants in the United States.

All other purchases on the card earn 1 mile per dollar. Delta SkyMiles do not expire.

Reward Redemption Details

To redeem miles, you must be a member of the Delta SkyMiles rewards program. Miles can be redeemed through the Delta website, over the phone, or at a Delta counter.

You can use your mileage balance for flights, seat upgrades, Delta vacation packages, Sky Club membership, gift cards and experiences. It is also possible to send SkyMiles to friends and family or donate them to charity.

Transfer of points

It is not possible to directly transfer points from Delta to other loyalty programs. You can, however, transfer points from other loyalty programs to Delta and convert them into SkyMiles. Points can be redeemed at car rental partners and hotels. Before converting points to Delta’s airline loyalty program, keep in mind that conversions can be expensive and may incur additional fees.

How to maximize your rewards

To get the most out of the Delta SkyMiles Gold Business card, use it for all of your Delta purchases, US shipping, US advertising expenses, and dining expenses. You’ll earn 2 miles per dollar on these categories, and spending a total of $3,214 per year will justify the annual fee. It also makes sense to use the card to take advantage of the welcome bonus: Earn 50,000 bonus miles after spending $2,000 in purchases with your new card in your first 3 months.

Finally, obtain additional cards for employees who make purchases on behalf of the company to further increase the miles accumulated on the account. Of course, depending on your company policy, these employees may have the right to keep rewards earned on their trips for personal use. If so, or in order to provide your employees with a benefit, you can enroll your company in Delta’s SkyBonus corporate program, as long as at least five employees have cards and spend together. at least $5,000 per year on Delta flights. The program, which is free, allows both employee and employer to earn mileage rewards on Delta flights.

Average case

Let’s say you use this card to book four round-trip Delta domestic flights a year to attend business conferences, spending the national average cost of about $360 per round-trip flight. Plus, you use this card for a combination of shipping, advertising, and restaurant purchases that total $1,000 per month.

Such spending would earn you 26,880 miles with this card, rewards we believe are worth $568, or more than five times the annual fee charged after the first year, when redeemed for Delta flights. Suppose that for each flight, you check in a suitcase full of company literature to hand out at the conference. Waiver of card fees for these bags would add another $240 to the financial benefit of using it.

Ambitious case

In addition to the scenario above, where you earned 26,880 miles with this card, suppose you have four employees who also represent the company at conferences. You then take advantage of the free additional employee cards who come with this account, giving one to each employee, and also enroll in the SkyPlus program which allows employees and their employer to earn rewards.

The four additional employees with cards then use them to purchase a total of $3,000 per month in shipping, advertising and restaurants. The four employees also take a round-trip domestic flight once per quarter, spending $360 for each round-trip domestic flight. In total, including the primary cardholder, five employees and the company itself would earn over 110,400 miles over the calendar year for a value of $1,700.

Exceptional Delta SkyMiles Gold Business Card Benefits

  • Priority boarding in main cabin
  • Baggage insurance*
  • The first checked bag is free
  • 20% inflight savings on food, beverages and headphones
  • Free employee cards

*Level of eligibility and benefits vary by card. Terms, conditions and limitations apply. Please visit americanexpress.com/benefitsguide for details. Underwritten by AMEX insurance company.

Standard Benefits

  • Rental car collision insurance (secondary to your own policy)
  • 24/7 global phone support*
  • Access to exclusive cardholder-only events
  • Spend Management Solutions
  • Dispute resolution for fraudulent or incorrect charges

*Level of eligibility and benefits vary by card. Terms, conditions and limitations apply. Please visit americanexpress.com/benefitsguide for details. Cardholders are responsible for fees charged by third-party service providers.

Cardholder Experience

American Express ranked first for customer satisfaction in JD Power’s 2020 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Survey, with a score of 838 out of 1,000.

Cardholders can access and manage their accounts online, through the American Express app or over the phone. Customer service is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Personal cardholders can call 1-800-528-4800 for assistance.

Security functions

Like all Amex credit cards, the Delta SkyMiles Gold Business card offers a range of standard security precautions. Amex will monitor your account for fraudulent activity and send alerts if irregular activity is detected.

Amex also uses its SafeKey feature, which is an authentication service. You may be asked to provide a dynamic one-time-use (OTC) code to verify your identity when shopping online.

Our opinion

The Delta SkyMiles Gold Business Card from American Express is the cheapest Delta-branded credit card. It offers a company that has occasional travelers on the airline the chance to both earn decent rewards and enjoy a few basic extras while traveling.

A respectable one-time offer that combines bonus points and statement credit, plus a fee waiver, makes the first year with the card particularly attractive. In subsequent years, you’ll get a $100 credit that covers the annual fee, provided your business spends at least $10,000 on the card.

If, however, you and/or your employees travel frequently with Delta, you may want to consider the Delta SkyMiles Platinum Card. The annual fee is $250 higher, but it offers valuable additional benefits like an annual master cabin round-trip companion certificate upon renewal.

Alternatively, if your business is not loyal to Delta, consider an unbranded business card. One of them may offer higher rewards and more redemption flexibility. For example, the Chase Ink Business Preferred Card offers 3 points per dollar on travel, shipping, internet, cable, phone services, and advertising on social media sites. It also has a bonus offer of 100,000 bonus points.

To view Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card rates and fees, please visit the following link: Rates and Fees

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