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Delta Employee Arrested After Bags Presenting $258,205 Goes Missing at JFK

Delta Employee Arrested After Bags Presenting $258,205 Goes Missing at JFK

A Delta Air Lines employee was arrested after just around $250,000 went lost John F. Kennedy International Airport on Tuesday, in accordance with CNN.

Quincy Thorpe, a ramp agent for Delta, was questioned by police and charged with a national crime on Thursday for its alleged theft. He had been released from custody after committing an $80,000 bond.

In a security surveillance video, Thorpe has seen loading and scanning eight totes onto Delta Flight 1225 to Miami, based on NBC News. But, Thorpe sometimes appears putting one among those bags into a car and leaving it.

The offender complaint compiled by FBI special agent Robert Carasiti explained the bag contained about $258,205 in the U.S. and foreign currency. It was delivered to the airport with an armoured car with one other seven totes, NBC News reported. The bag wasn’t discovered to be lost until the plane landed in Miami, reported CNN.

According to CNN, Thorpe had predicted sick for the subsequent two days after Sept. 24, the time of this alleged theft. He informed that the FBI in a meeting he was aware of these contents in the bags he was still loading, but maintains his innocence in the subject.

“My client denies the charges and we are looking forward to the day in court,” Thorpe’s attorney, Lonnie Hart, told NBC News. “He had doctors appointments, that’s why he had been outside of work.”

As stated by NBC News, a hunt of Thorpe’s home did not turn up the bag of cash plus it’s still missing.

“The alleged actions with this employee are unacceptable and in no way reflect the values and professionalism we expect from Delta team members,” Delta Air Lines said in a statement. “We are taking this situation very seriously and working directly with the government in their investigation in addition to conducting an internal evaluation of their own.”

A prospective date will be put for Thorpe to appear in court. It is uncertain just how much in fines or potential jail time he would face.

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