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Decorating Tips For a Bedroom Sanctuary

The only room in the house where you should be able to relax and get some sleep is your bedroom. But for many people, the bedroom is a multipurpose area, serving as a TV room and playroom for children. It’s time to reclaim your space and create the paradise you deserve.

Regardless of the size of your home, there is always another place for children to play. Many families create aggregation spaces from the living room and kitchen. But your family shouldn’t have an open door policy for your bedroom.

We refer to the parents’ room here. Small children and teenagers can go to their rooms to get some privacy. The private space of the parents should not automatically be considered an open game for everyone else in the house. Those days are gone. So get ready to enjoy your wonderful new sanctuary!

First, select a wall color that you find relaxing.

If you prefer orange, choose a muted pumpkin or pumpkin color. The goal is to get a feeling of peace and serenity when you enter the room, so choose a softer shade of your favorite color. If you wish, you can use darker bright colors to add some flavor to the look of the room. It’s best to stick to a versatile color that matches other room features.

Base all other colors in the room on the wall color. The bedding should be a neutral shade so that it does not conflict with the walls. It is much easier to change bedding than to repaint the walls! You will make some changes at some point, of course, but make your initial design decisions with the idea that the wall color is permanent and that almost everything else in the room can be redone.

You need a bed for an adult.

Your tastes change as you get older. The main considerations for a bed are comfort and suitability for you and your partner. When you were a child, a four poster bed was a dream, but grown men don’t find them too interesting.

Find the right size bed, one that doesn’t overwhelm the room. Rather than a large, flashy canopy bed, a wooden sleigh bed can take up less space. The bed usually stays in the room for quite a while, so make sure you have one of the right height.

The general rule is simplicity.

To keep the serenity theme going, keep your bedroom furniture to a minimum. All you really need are bedside tables on either side of the bed and a chest of drawers. Both you and your partner can store clothes in the dresser. Everything else can end up in the closet. If that doesn’t give you enough space, find a wardrobe that tastefully accentuates the room.

A bedroom should offer plenty of room to move around. As soon as you open the door you should feel the orderly atmosphere, reflecting your orderly mind. The rest of the house can be used to store business papers, toys and other unnecessary items – keep them out of the bedroom.

Arrange lamps in the room instead of using overhead lighting. There is a special intimate quality in the lamps and they won’t shine so brightly that they wake your partner up when you want to read.

As you can see, you should consider your bedroom as an escape place. These decorating tips can help you transform your bedroom into a peaceful haven where problems can’t enter.

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