Deborah Meaden’s Net Worth in 2020

What is Deborah Meaden’s net worth?


Deborah Meaden is an English businesswoman who ran a multi-million pound family vacation business before closing a management buyout, but is now best known for appearing on the BBC Two’s commercial program, Dragons ‘Den.

In 2020, Deborah Meaden’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 60 million.


Deborah Sonia Meaden was born on February 11, 1959 in Somerset. Her parents divorced when she was young and her mother moved Deborah and her older sister Gail to Brightlingsea in Essex.

Meaden went to Godolphin School in Salisbury for a brief period, then to Trowbridge High School for Girls, who she left at the age of 16.


After school, Meaden studied business at Brighton Technical College, after which she worked as a sales model in a fashion house.

Meaden and a partner bought one of the first Stefanel textile franchises in the UK, which was based in the West Country; she sold two years later to her partner for £ 10,000. She then had several successful leisure and retail businesses, including a spell operating a Prize Bingo at Butlins in Minehead.

In 1988, Meaden joined the family business to manage its arcade games business and in 1992 joined Weststar Holidays, a family vacation park operator based in Exeter, Devon, with its main locations in the south – west of England.

In 2009, Meaden acquired Fox Brothers – a West Country textile factory founded in 1772 and still based in Wellington, Somerset – with fellow shareholder Douglas Cordeaux, former design director at Pepe Jeans London.

The same year, a town planning inspector criticized Meaden’s testimony to his investigation as “implausible” in a dispute concerning the granting of green village status to a field on which Mudstone LLP, a company in which it is associated, wished build 48 houses.

In 2020, Deborah Meaden’s net worth was $ 60 million.

Strong points

Here are some of the highlights from Deborah Meaden’s career:

  • Dragon’s Den (British Television Show, 2005-2019)
  • Banff Rockie Award (2005) – Won

Deborah Meaden’s Favorite Quotes

“I don’t really have typical days because I don’t have a job, but there are fluxes and reflections in my life, so I will try to describe them. We film Dragon’s Den for 20 days of the year in Manchester. These are 12-hour days, getting to the studio early enough for hair and makeup, so we’re on set at 10 a.m. ” – Deborah Meaden

“I tend to walk in and out of my home office but I try to keep my professional thoughts there. At home, it’s my corner of England where I control my time and my rhythm. ” – Deborah Meaden

“I usually don’t carry a bag or, if I do, it’s small enough … to avoid falling into the trap of carrying around a load of unnecessary stuff with me” just in case … “. I always have my cell phone, my purse / wallet … (big enough to hold my phone), lip gloss, antihistamines, a small brush and a handkerchief. “ – Deborah Meaden

“Be passionate but not blind, ask the right people the right questions, keep traveling the horizons and remember that every business has its ups and downs. What matters is knowing when to move forward and when to change course, but most of all … I like what you do … if you don’t do it, no one else will. “ – Deborah Meaden

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3 lessons of success from Deborah Meaden

Now that you know everything about Deborah Meaden’s net worth and how she succeeded; Let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn:

1. Preparation is a springboard to success

As the old saying goes, not preparing means preparing for failure. Success can be defined as being fully prepared.

2. You are constantly creating your own reality

Your reality is built on your thoughts, so remember how much power you have. What you think you will become, what you think you will attract, what you imagine creating.

3. You control your own paradise or hell

You are the master of your own destiny. You may not always be able to control your circumstances and your environment, but the way you react is always under your control.


Deborah Meaden is passionate about many causes and speaks with a conviction that will capture the attention of your audience, as diverse as it is.

Meaden is a household name due to his appearances in the BBCs Dragons Den. Having always dreamed of owning a business, Deborah showed an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age and started her first business at the age of nineteen, using the income from previous jobs.

In 2020, Deborah Meaden’s net worth was $ 60 million.

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