Debbie, Vanessa and Cats Come Between Colt and Jess in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Clip

Oh Debbie, there again.

Colt’s mother appears to be doing her best to sabotage her son’s new relationship in a brief glance at Sunday 90-day fiance: fortunately to the end?, exclusive to E! News.

In the clip, Colt and Jess come over to Debbie’s room to say goodbye before heading out into town, and Debbie announces that Vanessa, the cat, has sent a video of her home.

“What?” Jess says in shock.

She hadn’t been told that Colt’s girlfriend Vanessa, whom Jess is very jealous of, was watching the cats during this trip to Brazil.

Jess points out that Colt didn’t tell her about it and explains, “Well, you don’t like her.”

“You are my cats,” Debbie interfered. “She’s watching my cats for me. She’s not doing it for him.”

But Jess is still pissed off because Colt told her he wouldn’t talk to her anymore and how she is in his house.

“F – k you!” She says.


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