Debbie & Larissa Bond Over Easter Peeps Dessert

Peeps have gained a bad reputation as of late, but Debbie and Larissa recently bonded over their mutual love of the questionable Easter candy.

The relationship between 90 Day Fiancé stars Colt Johnson and his ex-wife, Larissa Lima, was always volatile, and it turned out to be a family affair. As tense as things were between Colt and Larissa, it was even worse between Larissa and Colt’s mother, Debbie. Things did not go well with the trio all living in the same house, but since the couple divorced, the animosity between Debbie and Larissa seems to have fully dissipated. The two were seen bonding on Instagram over their mutual love of the classic Easter treat, Peeps.

When Colt first brought his then-fiancé to America from Brazil, he thought there might be tension between her and his live-in mother, but he never could have anticipated the explosive fights that would erupt between them. Things got so contentious in the household that the authorities were called in. Even after Colt and Larissa eventually divorced, things remained tense between Larissa and Debbie. But at the end of last year, Larissa sent out an olive branch, posting about “new beginnings” on Instagram.

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Debbie recently posted on Instagram about her new love for specialty “chocolate caramel swirl” Peeps, and Larissa slid into her comments with her own Peep opinion. “Debbie cinnamon rolls are better,” Larissa commented, referencing a different flavor of Peeps. “I will try them. That sounds really good,” Debbie cordially shot back. Fans are skeptical about how good the Peeps were, but they liked seeing Larissa and Debbie bury the hatchet. There’s been no shortage of trash talk between them over the years, but Debbie and Larissa seem to have turned a corner. 

Colt has been open about why Larissa and Debbie butted heads so much, saying the pair were like two sides of the same coin, and their similarities are what drove them to fight. For years there was resentment between Larissa and Debbie, so it’s monumental that they’re at least somewhat on speaking terms. Instagram may require minimal contact, but at least it’s a start. From where they started, with their explosive blowouts, the pair has come a long way.

The 90 Day Fiancé stars’ surprise bonding moment wasn’t what fans were expecting, but they’re glad to see it, nonetheless. There are many grudges between the franchises’ stars that never get resolved, so the Peeps post is a big step forward. There’s been much debate regarding Peeps in recent years, with many Easter candy connoisseurs calling the marshmallow treat disgusting and overrated. But it’s great to see Larissa and Debbie relating over something, even if it’s Peeps. 

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: Debbie Johnson/Instagram

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